A-Z: Alanis Morissette – Murry The Hump

Alanis Morissette – Out Is Through (single) CD2
I haven’t really got anything to say about this single to be honest. It hasn’t got any new songs on it or anything, though the acoustic versions of Eight Easy Steps and This Grudge are quite nice.

Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill, Live
The CD that came with the video of the same name. It’s just got the 3 songs on it but is nice to have. It’s quite odd to listen to as the gig at which the songs were recorded at changes throughout the songs.

Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart (single) CD1
Ah, the Chantal Patton 2004 Singles Club continues! I had a brief flirtation with being interested in Morrissey’s comeback and bought a couple of singles, but then I decided I wasn’t actually that fussed and I think I even took the songs off my playlist as I haven’t heard this in ages. I do really like it though – I think I’ll have to put it back on.

Morrissey – First Of The Gang To Die (single)
Er, ditto the previous comments!

Mull Historical Society – Loss (album)
Ah, MHS! Otherwise known as Colin MacIntyre. I think this is most likely the only band I discovered through a live performance on T4! It was ‘Watching Xanadu’ and I thought it was fab and bought the single – I got the album a little while later. Aside from Catatonia I think this is the only band (or er person) I have albums by on the Blanco Y Negro label. It’s fun, quirky, indie-pop and I think more people should discover the fabness of MHS. Colin’s just going by his own name now, though I liked the MHS moniker.
‘Watching Xanadu’ – this is still one of my favourite MHS songs, though I think I overplayed it really as don’t like to listen to it too often now – I enjoy it when I do listen to it though.

Mull Historical Society – This Is Hope (album)
Nope, I still don’t own ‘Us’ which is a bit shameful – I’ve just never gotten around to buying it. This is a great album though. As much as I like ‘Loss’, this album’s musically a lot stronger I reckon – which is good really, as you’d hope artists would get better and not worse!
‘Tobermory Zoo’ – I think this might well possibly be my fave MHS song.

Mull Historical Society – Watching Xanadu (single) CD2

Mull Historical Society – The Final Arrears (single) CD1

Mull Historical Society – The Final Arrears (single) CD2

Mull Historical Society – Am I Wrong (single) CD1
‘It Takes More’ – I love this cover of the Ms Dynamite song.

Mull Historical Society – Am I Wrong (single) CD2

Mull Historical Society – How ‘Bout I Love You More (single)

Murry The Hump – Songs Of Ignorance (album)
Ah, MTH! How I love them and miss them. This is one of my favourite albums ever and it’s rare that I meet anyone else who’s even heard of it, never mind listened to it. If through this blog post I can make just 1 person curious enough to track it down I’ll be very happy. I’m sure it must be pretty cheap on Ebay or something – oh it’s not there at the mo – there’s usually a copy! Typical. Anyway, I’m not even sure how I discovered MTH now, but I think there’s quite a high likelihood it was through Welsh Bands Weekly. It was definitely during my time at uni, I read good things about them and bought the singles ‘Don’t Slip Up’ and ‘Cracking Up’ when they were released (2001). I also kept gazing at the album in CD Centre, but believe it or not I was actually quite careful with my money back then and couldn’t afford to buy it for ages. I think I’d illegally downloaded the majority of the songs before I finally managed to own a copy of the album. Tis a fab fab album though, but a bit difficult to describe. I guess it’s indie, a little bit pop, but with a strong country tinge too. The songs are quite varied, but there’s one thing that’s pretty consistent – the amusing nature of the lyrics. As much as I like the music of The Keys (MTH successors), I miss the witty and slightly silly lyrics of MTH. I’m sure as I listen to this album I won’t be able to refrain from sharing my favourites with you! Every single song’s brilliant and the album flies by as tis only 37 minutes long.
‘Green Green Grass’ – Definitely not that Tom Jones classic – it’s about a different type of ‘grass’ 😉 “Read the magazines in WHSmith, hear the car alarm playing a techno riff”.

‘Don’t Slip Up’ – “I had no accommodation for my portable TV, because it killed all conversation, only tuned to S4C” – my favourite MTH song!!

‘Colouring Book’ – I remember Adam Walton playing this for me once on Radio Wales. It was when he was playing the first Sherbet Antlers session and I e-mailed in and asked for some Melys or Murry The Hump and got this song 😀 I think it might have been the single version though, which is the version I listen to more often anyway, though really like this one too.

‘Valley Girl’ – Ah, love this song!! So sleazy and fabulous. “Valley girl get yourself protection – this valley boy forgot his contraception”. This album kicks so much ass! Seriously, you few people who bother reading this rambling of mine, check it out! Hell, download it illegally from a peer-to-peer program like I originally did! Just listen to it! “Woman you are a lump of coal in a heap of slag”.

‘Booze And Cigarettes’ – “Booze and cigarettes go together like hair on a soap on a rope forever”

‘Five’ – Oh my, I was just looking at the inlay booklet that has a few snippets of lyrics, though not the whole songs. There’s quite a bit of this song I’ve never been able to work out and I just discovered what one of the lines is! He he, I’m not repeating that. This is one of my fave songs though. Another pretty sleazy one, he he.

‘Vodka And Wine’ – The last song already! Aw. At least I’ve still got the singles to listen to 🙂 I wish there were more MTH songs. It was pretty exciting last year though when I got to download the demo sessions and stuff from a very kind person on Facebook. Plus pre-MTH songs when they were just ‘Evans & Jones’. All hail the internet! I doubt I’d ever have gotten to hear those songs otherwise. I wish I’d gotten to see them live though. “When I saw your naked body for the very first time, I was cursed with double-vision from the vodka and the wine”.

Murry The Hump – Colouring Book EP
I got this just a few years ago, quite likely from Ebay.
‘Cracking Up’ – ooh it’s a different version! I’m not sure I’ve actually listened to this CD before as already had all the songs in one format or another. It’s not hugely different but quite interesting. Ooh ooh ooh there’s an extra bit in the middle! I’m easily excited right? I really need to rip the different versions of MTH songs that I don’t have on my playlist.
‘Blue Bottle’ – I tend to forget that this isn’t actually on the album as I downloaded it at the same time as most of the album tracks.
‘Kebab Or Shag? (live)’ – I didn’t realise there was a live version of Kebab Or Shag on here – why haven’t I ripped that? Despite just being a b-side I think it must have been a live favourite and one of their best known songs. I’ve got a promotional postcard somewhere that has a picture of a kebab shop on it, he he. I wasn’t actually that keen on it when I first heard it as it’s quite punky, but it’s one of my favourites now.
‘Pussy Willow (live)’ – Love this too. I prefer it to the recorded version that I finally got in the downloaded demo sessions, though maybe because I was already so used to listening to this version.

Murry The Hump – Don’t Slip Up (single)
‘Pigs On Parade’ – gotta love a song with pig noises in it! He he. MTH were a bit mad, but that’s why I love them. This song and ‘Kebab Or Shag’ make a pretty good duo of b-sides on this single. You definitely couldn’t call them a dull band. It’s pretty impressive for a band who only released one album to be considered amongst my absolute favourite bands, but MTH definitely are. Have I convinced anyone to listen to them yet, or had the adverse effect?? Meh, whatever, I love them and it’s your loss if you don’t.

Murry The Hump – Cracking Up (single)
Oh no, my last MTH CD! *sniff* It’s gone by far too quickly. I think this was the single I was buying in either HMV or Virgin on Oxford Street and as I was looking for it it started playing over the speakers. That was pretty cool. I also remember going through all the vinyl singles to find the one with the lowest limited edition number, he he.
‘No Girl No Sex’ – I remember not being keen on this song initially. Again it was a bit too punky for my tastes at the time. And again it grew on me and is now one of my favourites!! “Tonight I toss…and turn, just like a hundred nights before. Tonight a chinese burn”, he he he.
‘Travel’ – This was much more of an instant favourite. Tis probably their most beautiful song.

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