A-Z: Adam Green – Heypenny

Adam Green – Nat King Cole (single)

Gwacamoli – Topsy Turvy EP
I wonder if there are any English bands beginning with the letters ‘Gw’. Actually I don’t think there are any English words beginning with ‘Gw’! Unsurprising then that I’ve got 3 Welsh artists in a row here.

Gwawr – Yfory / Codi Gyda’r Haul (single)
I think I discovered Gwawr through MySpace – probably getting a friends request or something. She’s definitely worth checking out – especially if you like the Welsh pop of Melys and the folky-edge that Cerys sometimes has, as she’s a kinda cross between the 2! Ooh, is she the embodiment of the username ‘melys_cerys’ that I adopted about 6 or 7 years ago in order to stop the problem I frequently used to have whereby people would have already stolen the usernames I wanted to use? Maybe. There’s a bit of something else in there too though – the instrumentation on ‘Codi Gyda’r Haul’ actually reminds me a bit of The Divine Comedy! Although the ‘ooh’s in the middle section are very reminiscent of Sophia Churney from Ooberman. So she’s really melys_cerys_divine_oobergirl?? Ha ha, that’s quite a cool username, albeit a bit long. She should probably just stick to ‘Gwawr’ though, what with it being her name an’ all.
‘Blwyddyn Newydd’ – This song’s a slightly different style yet again. Can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of, but I’m very very pleased I bought this single in Spillers whenever it was this year.

Gwenno – Mor Hud EP
I’m pretty sure I bought this at the same time as the previous single. Actually I think I bought the Gwacamoli one then too! I obviously had a grand old time in the ‘Gw’ section!! However I was actually quite disappointed by this single. Gwenno is Gwenno Saunders – yes, her from The Pipettes. I’d listened to some of her solo songs on her MySpace and really enjoyed them, so when I saw this in Spillers I grabbed it. However these songs are from 2002 and quite different in style to the songs on her MySpace. Most of them have got a dance music kinda edge to them, which I’m not really keen on. I was also about to say ‘these first 2 songs sounds exactly the same too!’, but then realised they are the same, except the first one was in Welsh and this is the English version! Being able to understand the lyrics doesn’t make it any more enjoyable though. It’s not bad, it’s just not my kinda thing. Although it did make me smile that it’s another single produced by Geraint Jones at Sylem.
‘Raindrops’ – Although I don’t like the first 2 songs, this one’s actually alright. Not amazing, but alright.
‘Ysbryd Y Nos’ – I quite like this one actually. Maybe that first song put me off the whole EP more than it should. There’s still a bit of a Europop edge to it that makes it sound almost cheesy in places, but hey. The stuff on her MySpace is far superior.

Hal – Hal (promo album)
Another bargain purchase from MVE in Camden. £3 infact, as I’ve attempted and failed to remove the sticker from it!
This is one of those albums that doesn’t stand out as completely amazing or anything, but all the songs are really enjoyable. Quite Beach Boys in sound a lot of the time – which is a good thing.

Ed Harcourt – Here Be Monsters (album)
I first remember being aware of Ed Harcourt’s existence when his name seemed to pop up on all festival line-ups ever! It’s kinda fitting therefore that the only time I’ve seen him live was at the V festival!!

Ed Harcourt – All Of Your Days Will Be Blessed (promo single)
Great song.
Oh my, how did it get to quarter to 2?? I haven’t even checked to see if I’ve got any post yet! Not that I’m expecting anything, but I still feel compelled to check. It’s just annoying that I have to go into a communal area and therefore need to make myself look vaguely passable as a person who’s bothered getting dressed! I very rarely run into anyone, but if I went down in my PJs it would be bound to happen. What I usually do is just shove on my jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt over the top of my PJs, then take them back off when I get back in the flat! He he. So lazy. Ok, will do that now…

2 bits of post for me, but both very boring. One’s a bank statement (oh joy), so not even opening that for now! The other’s from ‘The International Society of Poets’, no doubt trying to scam me out of money. Lets see… ‘Dear Chantal, I’m sorry you’ll be unable to join us at the upcoming International Society of Poets Annual Convention and Symposium to be held at the legendary Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas…’ Yeah, I bet you are. So sorry infact that you’re still gonna try and get me to pay for something aren’t you? ‘However, because we don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity altogether, we have arranged a way for you and your poetic accomplishments to be part of this event in a most important way…you can still receive your Outstanding Achievement in Poetry Award and your bronze Commemorative Award Medallion’. Gee, can I really? You’re generously gonna let me pay $169 to get some kinda cheap-looking medal, plus an ‘award’ that you’ve kindly sent me an incredibly large picture of. An award that looks disturbingly like a grave stone! A grave stone with a tacky crystal shape on top. Great. Apparently it’s a ‘finely-crafted hand holding a blue crystal globe, symbolizing the society’s mission to spread poetry around the world’. Ha ha ha ha ha. 1) That really doesn’t look like a hand! Let alone a ‘finely-crafted’ one!! And 2) I really don’t get the impression that you actually care about spreading poetry around the world. Scamming people out of money on a world-wide scale, yes. Anything else, not so much. But wait, that’s not all I get for my $169. I also get a year’s membership, so that they can scam me in new and fascinating ways! Plus, for the priviledge of all this, I’ve also got to send them a poem that can be ‘formally presented at the convention’. They can’t just be giving me an award for nothing you know! The award’s for the poem!! The poem I as yet haven’t written and could well be crap! But that’s what the award’s for!!! So, wait, what’s the $169 for if I’m supposedly being given this award for my poetic ability?? Hmmmmm… see a problem in the logic here? Oh and why do I get the feeling that if I were to send them a new poem, it would then amazingly make it into one of their many anthologies, which they’d then like to charge me about £30 to own a copy of. An anthology of which there might only be one copy of infact – or lots of copies, but all different!! Yes, my favourite (or least favourite) thing they’ve done – the thing that was the last straw in terms of buying their books – was that they sent me a letter inviting me to send in a poem for their latest anthology. Nothing unusual about that – infact I’d already given up on buying those – I’d either not send in a poem at all, or I’d send one in but not buy a copy of the book. However my Dad had also had the same invitation for the same anthology. We thought it would be quite nice to both have a poem in the same book, so purely on that basis we both sent in a poem and both ordered a copy of the anthology. Months later our books arrived at our respective houses. I opened mine and was surprised yet delighted to discover that my poem was the first one in the whole book!! Quite an honour really, right? I then searched for my Dad’s but it was nowhere to be found. Oh no, had he not sent it in in time? What had happened? How gutted was he going to be to receive his copy and find me on the first page but him not in it at all?!? I saw him soon after and discovered that he’d been thinking the same thing – but the other way round! In his copy of the book, his poem was on the first page and mine wasn’t in there at all!! What a bloody scam! So yes, that’s the last I’ve had to do with them. So now I’m just amused by their attempts to get me to part with my money. And then I have great delight in shredding their letters!!

Ed Harcourt – This One’s For You (promo single)

Ed Harcourt – This One’s For You (single)

Ed Harcourt – Born In The 70s (single)
I think this is probably my fave Ed song. It’s really catchy 🙂

Ed Harcourt – Loneliness (single)

Charlotte Hatherley – Summer (single)

Charlotte Hatherley – Bastardo (single)
Fab song!

Charlotte Hatherley – I Want You To Know (single)
‘Sister Universe’ – This song’s great!! I think I’ve only listened to it once before, but ooh must listen to it more! It doesn’t help that the cardboard sleeve says it’s track 3 when it’s actually track 2 though.

Gemma Hayes – Night On My Side (sampler)
I thought this was a promo CD of 5 songs from the album, but just realised they’re not actually the full songs, they’re just brief clips of 5 songs! It won’t take me long to listen to this then. I really need to get the album at some point, though I’ve probably got most of the songs on it in one form or another.

Gemma Hayes – Let A Good Thing Go (single)
The first Gemma Hayes CD I bought. I think I must already have heard she was supporting Suede on their upcoming tour at the end of 2002, so I wanted to see what she was like. Was greatly impressed. V enjoyed seeing her live too.

Gemma Hayes – Back Of My Hand (promo single)

Gemma Hayes – Back Of My Hand (single) CD2
I think I got this free by being on her mailing list.

Gemma Hayes – Happy Sad (single)

Hayze – 2 Track Promo
I think this is one of those CDs you just had to ask for a copy of and you’d be sent one for free. I think it was the band of someone on the Melys Yahoo group, though I could well be wrong there – it was a while ago. I wonder if their website’s still there…ooh, it is! Pleased they’re still going. Ooh they have a MySpace too – shall go add them 🙂

Heypenny – Use These Spoons (album)
Heypenny’s the band of Ben Elkins who played keyboards on tour with Cerys last year, plus worked on the production of ‘Never Said Goodbye’. I really like what he did on that album, plus I got on well with him when we chatted after gigs and stuff, he seemed like a really nice guy, so I was more than happy to help support his band by buying a copy of this album. And a great album it is too! Quirky and fun and just really good songs! Plus the production’s great again. Ben sent me a free copy too, which was much appreciated of course, though I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. In the end I decided to give it to my Dad as an extra Christmas present, as we have similar taste in music and I thought he’d enjoy it. Happily I thought correctly! 🙂

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