A-Z: Aberfeldy – Adem

Aberfeldy – Heliopolis By Night (single promo)
Ah, a 1-track promo to get me started and eased in slowly!! Ah, jolly twee-type indie-pop 🙂

Aberfeldy – Love Is An Arrow (single)
Tom Weir’s a great song – why don’t I listen to it more often? “King of the anoraks, the anoraks, the anoraks”.

Aberfeldy – Hypnotised (single)
I bought this recently in Crash Records in Leeds for £1 🙂 This must just be the 2nd time I’ve listened to it, but yeah great single. I do find you can’t go too far wrong with bands on Rough Trade.

Ace Of Wands – Pentacles (sample tracks)
One of my Dad’s previous band titles (he’s had a few!). This CD’s just got 4 tracks on it, which I’m guessing were quite likely the first 4 he recorded for the album, though I could be wrong. The album itself will be coming up in a mo, so I’ll hear them again! But yeah, these 4 tracks are all really good – I do especially love TVs On TV I have to say, which I made a random video to a while ago, ha ha, I haven’t watched that for ages actually, I should locate it. I’d also forgotten how beautiful Used 2 B Will B is – I’ve always thought it sounds quite Chrismassy for some reason too, but that’s kinda irrelevant.

Ace Of Wands – Pentacles (album)
The first 4 tracks on this are the 4 that were on the previous CD, so yeah I’m guessing they were the first 4 recorded. I find it quite difficult to write about Dad’s songs in a non-biased way – it’s interesting listening to older songs though as although they’re good quality I think his production’s definitely improved over the years. Unsurprisingly really! When was this album recorded actually? From the lyrical content I’m going to guess… *thinks* …2002… *checks* …’Recorded in Worcester, April – September 2002′ – oh yes. Wow, it seems so long ago. Looking at the inlay I also see that Glenda still sings on some tracks – hmm, that might be quite difficult to listen to, will see. I also see that I play flute and contribute vocals at some point too, so will listen out for that! I forget which tracks I’ve played on.
‘Roses In The Kitchen’ – I don’t even remember this song! I mustn’t have listened to it in years. I really like it though 🙂 I must remember to add it to my MP3 playlist, tis cool. Oh damn, Glenda sings in the bridge – that actually just put me off it, ha ha. Nothing against her voice itself, she’s just not my most favouritest of people. She’s my Ex-Step-Mum for those not already in the know. Anyway, moving on…
‘We OK’ – fab song
‘Up 2’ – ah, I haven’t heard this for ages. Great song again. It always reminded me a bit of Bijou by Queen for some reason – not because it sounds anything like it – just because the lyrics are pretty minimal.
‘Lace And Thrills’ – I love the style of this. It’s kinda cheesy yet not at the same time! Well ok it mostly is, but in a good way! And ooh is that a flute I hear? Or is it keyboard? I think it might be keyboard actually, I don’t remember playing flute on this track. Not that my memory’s much to go by! Hmm, yeah, definitely keyboard.
‘Pentacles’ – ah, now *that’s* a flute! And a part I actually remember playing. Wow, haven’t listened to this in ages either. There seems to be a kinda hissing on the track though :-/ Grr, annoying. And no it’s not just my ropey flute playing! ;-P Ooh I think I just discovered my backing vocals too! Along with my Dad’s and Glenda’s I must stress – you can’t actually pick me out. But mmmm good song – would be better without the hissing though, what’s that about? Stupid CD.

Adem – These Are Your Friends (single)
This is the only Adem CD I have and I confess to hardly having listened to it. My memory of it being that it’s enjoyable enough but nothing amazing. I guess I’d stick by that, but am quite enjoying listening to it right now. Having music on nice and loud is definitely the best way to listen to it. Whether the people living in the flats next to mine would agree with that or not is debatable, but hey! 😉 Ooh there’s a flute on this track! Not as good as me like but y’know 😉 Ha ha, yeah right.
I think my only criticism of these tracks would be that they’re a bit too long really – I start to get a little bored, which isn’t really good. Well, except for ‘(tunnel interlude)’ which is just 47 seconds!

Right, ok, time for food… I might listen to some more later.

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