A Technical Novel

Another 3 months have passed, somehow. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit lazy lazier with the writing recently, but I have technically written an ending now and the word count is technically novel-length (64,974), albeit on the shorter end of the scale. So have I technically written a novel? It still feels very messy and gappy and in need of a loooooooot of work, so maybe I’ve moved from draft 0.5 to draft 0.75? I’ll take that as a milestone. Still got a couple of months before the end of the year, so still hoping to have a full, proper, no-technicalities-needed first draft by then.

I also have a working title for it now: The Lifelines. Yes, it sounds like it should be a Suede song (which I acknowledge in the novel!), so that quite pleases me. Not sure it’s original enough, but it’ll do for now (and yes, that statement applies to both the title and the novel itself!). 😉

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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I’d say it definitely counts as a novel now if you’ve reached that ballpark of a word count. I like the title too, sounding like the title of Suede song should definitely be classed as a positive! You’ve done really well to get as far as you have with it, go Chantal!

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