2018 Film Challenge: 8. Fargo

This is one of the films I’d seen before, but only once and prior to owning it on DVD. My previous watching of it was probably on the DVD that I now own though, as it’s another one of Jamie’s cast-offs. I actually watched it on Netflix last night though, just because it was there (and you don’t have to endure piracy warnings and ancient trailers). I’d remembered really enjoying the film, though¬†couldn’t actually remember much about it, other than there being snow and Frances McDormand. I think because I’d remembered it being really good, my expectations were higher and I didn’t actually enjoy it as much this time. I did still enjoy it, it’s a good film, but I didn’t love it. I didn’t make many notes either, but the ones I did are here:

  • Is this genuinely based on a true story?
  • I’d forgotten how much film there is before you get to the stuff with Frances McDormand
  • That red jacket’s quite conspicuous
  • It seems fitting to end this weekend with a snowy film
  • Oh yeah?
  • This film’s making me hungry. I’m going to have some waffles.
  • Ew, gross.
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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I really like the other Coen Brothers films I’ve seen, but for whatever reason I’d never actually seen Fargo before. I had however seen the first two seasons of the TV series and enjoyed them (I some how completely missed the third season airing, which as it’s now on Netflix, I really should rectify). Anyway, I’ve had the movie on blu-ray for a good few years, so decided it was high time I actually watched it!

    Long story short, I loved it! I thought there were great performances from William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi and especially Frances McDormand (and as an aside, I was so pleased to see she won the best actress Oscar last night, as I thought her performance in Three Billboards was outstanding), and I really liked the whole concept of the film in general.

    There’s also a film called Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, about a character who becomes obsessed with finding the briefcase from Fargo, which I’m really intrigued to check out too (it’s available for free on Prime Video). In short, would I recommend this movie? Oh yar, you betcha!

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