2018 Film Challenge: 6. MicMacs

I had a slight debate with myself as to whether to include this on the list or not. I first saw it at the cinema, as won free tickets, plus haven’t watched it since buying it on DVD a couple of years ago, but I did once kinda watch it for a second time, in between those 2 occasions, as I bought it for Jamie on DVD and we watched it for a 2nd time together. This should have made it ineligible for inclusion on this list, but as I fell asleep during that 2nd viewing (I was tired and that sofa was ridiculously comfortable), I decided not to count it. So this was my 2nd full-length viewing of the film. It was still as fun and quirky and enjoyable as I’d remembered. It’s not up there with Amelie, but hey, it’s still great.

My bullet-pointed thoughts whilst watching:

  • Can you still get Laughing Cow cheeses?
  • I love the old-style credits
  • They’re like Wombles. Or Bagpuss.
  • There’s a mouse! Gotta be Bagpuss.
  • Gotta love a film with a load of misfits
  • No one does quirky quite like the French
  • Waffles with rum in the batter? I like her style.
  • That briefcase trick is ace
  • Sadistic fly killing
  • That’s the Amelie cafe, right?
  • Such a lovely film
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3 Responses to 2018 Film Challenge: 6. MicMacs

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I must admit I’d never heard of this film before I saw it listed on your Top 20 films list a few years ago. I think the only Jeunet film I’d seen previously was The City of Lost Children (I’ve never seen Amelie before – I know!) and that was about 20 years ago, so high time I rectified that. I rented this via Amazon Video (I’m not sure why I feel the need to mention the format/platform I use to watch these films, but I’ve started to do so now, so I might as well continue to do so), but a couple of minutes in I realised there were no English subtitles available – and whilst I did French at school I’m certainly not familiar enough with the language to watch it without captions – so I sourced an alternate stream (with subtitles this time) elsewhere. As I had already purchased this legally, I don’t feel too bad about that.

    Anyway, I really loved this. It was quirky, and eccentric, and fun, whilst also making some salient satirical points. I really liked the performances of Elastic Girl and Remington, and just found it overall very enjoyable. I’ll definitely check out some more Jeunet – Amelie and Delicatessen most likely.

    • Chantal Chantal says:

      You should definitely watch Amelie! I need to watch Delicatessen properly some time too – I watched it once but fell asleep during it. Again that was just down to tiredness and the comfy sofa – I don’t think it was a reflection on the film.

  2. Crashing Elliptical says:

    It’s definitely on the list, so I’ll get to it one day soon. I’m really enjoying watching these along with you, especially some of the ones I knew very little about, so good work on the choices so far!

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