2018 Film Challenge: 48. Human Traffic

I watched this years ago, prior to Danny Dyer becoming well known and prior to living in Cardiff, so it was great to watch it again with those things being different. I’d forgotten how funny and quirky it is. Enjoyed it.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • Ickle Dyer
  • So ’90s
  • I like Lulu
  • Cardiff!!
  • That’s one pink room
  • Blue Velvet and Clerks posters. Nice.
  • Bill Hicks!
  • Peter Andre? Ha ha ha.
  • OMG it’s Andrew Lincoln!!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha
  • OMG, those dummies! That was a weird trend.
  • OMG, it’s Richard Coyle!! I feel like Jack Davenport needs to turn up now and complete the Coupling / This Life connection.
  • I’d not remembered this film being quite so quirky and weird. Like that though.
  • Howard Marks!! Amazing.
  • I just checked the cast list on IMDb and I apparently didn’t spot Ninjah earlier in the film. For shame! Bad Cardiffian.
  • I like that Reality is Jo Brand
  • Oh, no no no
  • Oh yeah, they were still building the Millennium Stadium
  • Danny Dyer’s just down the road from me! Except 19 years ago when I wasn’t here.
  • That’s the quietest I’ve ever seen St Mary’s Street! Well, technically High Street, I guess, but still.
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2 Responses to 2018 Film Challenge: 48. Human Traffic

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    The third and final film on the list that I had seen before, albeit almost twenty years ago, so definitely time for a re-watch. I’ve actually owned it on DVD for a few years, after I bought it for about 20p from CeX. In fact, I own it twice on DVD, the second copy being Human Traffic Remixed – which as best I can gather features a slightly updated soundtrack, a few additional scenes, and a few scenes removed – also bought for a few pence from CeX. I decided to watch the original cut though.

    I was surprised home much I enjoyed watching it again, I agree with you, definitely quirkier than I remember it too. Strange too seeing Danny Dyer before he went on to become the force of nature he is today!

    Overall, I very much enjoyed revisiting this one, and would recommend it as a fun way to pass 90 minutes or so.

    • Chantal Chantal says:

      It’s actually the Remixed version that I’ve got, which I probably should have mentioned, but I wasn’t really sure what was different. I also got it from CeX for 50p!

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