2018 Film Challenge: 36. Patagonia

I had this downloaded, but apparently without subtitles (or at least not any subtitles that my TV recognised). As my Welsh isn’t really strong enough to follow a whole film (plus my Spanish is almost non-existent), I sought out an alternative copy and found that the full film (with English subtitles) is on YouTube! Score.

I found it a decently enjoyable film, though nothing particularly special. It’s currently got a 6.7 rating on IMDB, which I’d say is about right.

Anyway, here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • What’s she up to?
  • That’s not really the best time to spring a proposal on someone
  • Matthew Rhys!
  • That’s the emptiest London to Cardiff bus I’ve ever seen!
  • Good owl noise
  • Yep, that is very much Cardiff
  • Drunk Duffy
  • Well, that was inevitable
  • Yeah, bit of Ace of Spades
  • Yikes
  • Cate Le Bon!
  • I always carry a passport
  • Wait, it’s not his grandmother?
  • Really?? You’re that desperate for company?
  • Are you allowed to just do that? I’m fairly sure you aren’t.
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One Response to 2018 Film Challenge: 36. Patagonia

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    This was another one I hadn’t heard of until I saw it on your list, and it was another one I rented via Amazon Video.

    As it started I thought it was going to be really slow and that I wouldn’t enjoy it all that much, however as the film progressed I liked it more and more. As it started I also thought I’d be more interested in Gwen and Rhys’s story, however this quickly changed, and I actually found Cerys and Alejandro’s story the more compelling. I was expecting the two stories to intersect at some point, so was slightly surprised that they never did. I also just assumed Cerys was Alejandro’s grandmother, so it’s not just you that was surprised by that.

    Overall, I liked this and found it watchable, but I can’t say I was blown away by it.

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