2018 Film Challenge: 33. Paterson

This is a film I discovered whilst browsing Metacritic. It had good reviews and sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. It’s a hard film to describe, as not that much really happens in it, but it kept my interest and entertained me for the 2 hours, which is the main thing you want from a film. Plus it had an awesome dog.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • Is that a tiny bowl or a large cup?
  • Mmmmm cupcakes
  • Ah, men
  • Everything’s called Paterson?
  • It’s Chidi!!
  • That dog’s very anti kissing
  • I think the dog’s my favourite character
  • This is getting kinda weird, but in an interesting way
  • I’m guessing that’s meant to sound gross, but I would totally eat cheese and sprout pie
  • I’m looking forward to her getting her guitar
  • What’s with all the twins?
  • Well that was better than I’d expected
  • Blimey
  • Uh oh
  • That song makes me think of Ally McBeal
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One Response to 2018 Film Challenge: 33. Paterson

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I’d only ever seen one Jim Jarmusch film before – Coffee & Cigarettes – but I’d enjoyed that, so was looking forward to watching another one of his when I saw this was on the list. Plus it’s available to watch on Prime Video, so I could view it for free!

    As it started I thought this was going to be very slow going, but after a few minutes I realised I really, really liked. Maybe even loved it! That may sound weird, as really not a great deal happens, but I found it really compelling for some reason. I thought Paterson and Laura were a really sweet couple, I liked the regulars at the bar and I thought the little girl reading her poetry was very likable too. Overall, I’d absolutely recommend this to anyone wanting something a little different.

    You’re not going to convince me that cheddar cheese and Brussels sprout pie is anything other than revolting though!

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