2018 Film Challenge: 31. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

Having just the one Star Wars film on this list, and for it to specifically be episode 3, might seem a tad random, but it’s only because it’s the only film I hadn’t seen. I thought it was about time I corrected that.

My memory of episodes 1 and 2 was pretty vague. I watched a pirated copy of episode 1 in a bar in Corfu, so it’s probably not surprising that my memory of that was hazy! Episode 2 I watched at the cinema, though my only memory of it was of Yoda being a badass.

I didn’t have high expectations of episode 3, as I knew the first 3 episodes weren’t anywhere near as good as the original trilogy or the more recent films, but I still figured it’d be cool to finally get to see Anakin become Darth Vader. Which it kinda was (ignoring the incredibly hammy ‘Nooooooooooo’ moment soon after). But generally it was pretty mediocre and not that exciting. The CGI hasn’t dated well either, as some parts are so clearly fake it’s actually funny, which isn’t really what you want. Plus, oh my god, where are all the women?? There’s one brief moment where you think Padme might actually get to do something interesting, but she mostly just gets strangled. Awesome.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • There’s just something about that music kicking in and the words ‘Star Wars’ appearing. It’s weirdly emotional.
  • They’re frightfully English in space
  • Ooh, the special effects are slightly dated and somewhat obvious
  • Oh no, the special effects are actually comical in places. That’s going to be distracting.
  • C3PO’s so shiny
  • No one needs to look that glamorous whilst they’re sleeping
  • Yoda!
  • Yoda’s going to hang out with Wookies? I’m here for that.
  • Was he just playing with a Game Gear?
  • Ha ha ha, is he trying to be stealthy whilst riding a massive lizard?
  • That escalated quickly
  • OMG, I thought that was a hologram dildo. You shouldn’t dress in those hooded cloaks, dude!
  • Cockney Jedi children?
  • Hurrah, a woman’s finally going to do something in this film. I didn’t think that was going to happen at all.
  • Oh, never mind, she didn’t really do much
  • Ouch
  • It’s pretty cool seeing the mask go on
  • Ha ha ha, that was a bit overly camp
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One Response to 2018 Film Challenge: 31. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I was actually pretty late getting to Star Wars. I’d watched the Droids cartoon as a child in the 80s, but it wasn’t until early 2003 that I actually saw the original trilogy (and The Phantom Menance) for the first time when they were shown on ITV. Shortly after this, my housemate at the time James, and I went to see Attack of the Clones at the cinema a few days after it came out. I enjoyed all of these to varying degrees, and have subsequently been to see all the recent films as they’ve released. The exception to this however is Revenge of the Sith, which for whatever reason I’d never actually seen.

    A few years ago I bought two limited edition DVD box sets, one of the original trilogy (the only time the original theatrical cuts of these films have been made available since the VHS days), and one containing the prequel trilogy (mainly because it matches the other one, but also because it contains a wealth of extras unavailable elsewhere). As the proper versions of the first three films are unavailable in HD I’ve never bothered upgrading these to blu-ray.

    When I saw this was on the list, my original plan was to re-watch episodes IV to VI, along with I and II, before this, as I’ve never watched them since those 2003 airings. Alas, I’ve already got behind with these, so that plan didn’t pan out, but I did finally watch episode III (via the DVD from the afore mentioned box set) for the first time today.

    And as it goes, I thought it was okay but I certainly didn’t love it. Whilst I like to try and judge a film on its own merits, I think it’s almost impossible to view a Star Wars film without comparing it to what has gone before or after in the saga. Whilst it’s hardly a ground breaking opinion, I think the original trilogy, and the recent films are definitely superior to the prequel trilogy. From memory, I’d say Revenge of the Sith was better than The Phantom Menance, but not as good as Attack of the Clones. I liked Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine/Darth Sidious, but I thought they could have done so much more with Natalie Portman as Padmé. Other than giving birth to Luke and Leia (which is obviously an important moment), she didn’t really do a great deal! Hayden Christensen isn’t really that good either, is he? I did rather enjoy the cheesy ‘nooooooooo!’ though!

    Overall, I thought this was okay. If you’re marathoning all the films, you kind of have to watch this to get the whole story, but if you just want a taste of the Star Wars universe, there are far better other options to choose ahead of this one.

    Sorry for rambling on for so long!

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