2018 Film Challenge: 3. I Heart Huckabees

This is one of the films I have on DVD but had only watched once before (prior to having it on DVD). I must have previously watched it around the time it was made available for rental, as I know I watched it at my Mum’s and that they had it on loan from the video man (back when that was still a thing). I’d remembered it being pretty strange but that I’d quite enjoyed it, even if I hadn’t really¬†understood¬†what was going on. I acquired it on DVD a couple of years ago when my ex was getting rid of a load of things and gave me first refusal. Happily I still enjoyed it on a second watching, plus I feel like I ‘got’ it in a way that I didn’t previously. Maybe an oddball film about existentialism was a bit much for me to fully appreciate in my early 20s.

Here are the bullet-pointed notes I made whilst watching it:

  • That was an impressively sweary opening
  • I love Lily Tomlin
  • This film’s even weirder than I’d remembered. It’s great.
  • I like the word ‘machete’
  • Oh good lord, that’s a disturbing image
  • Definitely one of the weirdest sex scenes ever
  • Ha ha, Naomi Watts’ character seemed dull to start with, but gets awesome.
  • Shania Twain!
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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    This is another one I’ve been meaning to watch for ages. I even bought it on DVD from CeX a few years ago (for mere pence), but for whatever reason never got around to watching. Anyway, after sitting through ten minutes of unskippable trailers (note to distributors, people in the future are unlikely to be overly interested in what was ‘coming soon’ in 2004 – just give us the option to skip these!), I finally watched it yesterday. And I really liked it! I’d describe it as delightfully quirky, and in some ways it reminded me of Jason Schwartzman’s later TV series Bored to Death, with a smattering of Wes Anderson thrown in. It’s definitely one I’ll go back to, another good choice!

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