2018 Film Challenge: 29. What We Do In The Shadows

It’s a New Zealand-based vampire mockumentary! In some ways it was surprising that I hadn’t watched it already. It was good fun, as expected. Maybe not quite as full-on laugh-out-loud as I’d hoped, but there were definitely some good laugh-out-loud moments. Plus lots of pleasing shots of Wellington.

I didn’t make a lot of notes whilst watching it, as it’s not a long film, but here are the thoughts I had:

  • It’s Cuba Street!!! Ah man, this is going to make me miss New Zealand. More than I already do.
  • They’re as good at housework as me
  • That actually looks quite like the house we lived in in Wellington!
  • Burger Fuel!
  • That’s disturbing
  • Rhys Darby!
  • Ha ha, poking
  • That was pretty cool
  • I love the Kiwi pronunciation of ‘chips’
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One Response to 2018 Film Challenge: 29. What We Do In The Shadows

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I’d heard of this before, but never seen it, and was under the misconception that it was a serious horror film. As I’m not really a horror fan, I’d never gone out of my way to seek it out, however if I’d known it was a mockumentary I probably would have much sooner!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this. I thought Taika Waititi was great as Viago, and I thought Rhys Darby was fab, despite only being in it for a few minutes. I really liked Nick constantly bragging about being a vampire too, along with the other characters’ exasperated reactions to this.

    Overall, this was a lot of fun, and the 85 minutes or so flew by.

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