2018 Film Challenge: 26. Anomalisa

I downloaded this towards the end of last year when I realised I hadn’t seen a new Charlie Kaufman film in years. Being animated, this is obviously quite different to other films of his, but it works really well. It’s surprisingly less weird than other films of his, though that’s not to say it’s devoid of weirdness. If you’ve ever wanted to see a puppet urinating or having sex (in a far more realistic way than Team America or Avenue Q. In fact it’s almost disturbingly real and relatable) then this is the film for you! You weird pervert you. There’s also a horrifyingly hilarious sequence at the end that I won’t spoil. Overall it manages to be very funny in places, quite disturbing at times, but most importantly really interesting and well executed.

Here are the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • I wasn’t expecting cute stop-motion to say ‘fuck’ so many times
  • It’s quite weird having 1 guy doing lots of the voices, including the women
  • The name Bella just makes me think of My Dad Wrote A Porno
  • Awww, I like Bella
  • Hee, stop-motion dildo
  • Oh my, stop-motion penis
  • Ooh, what’s that about?
  • Sleazy dude
  • Sleazy, sleazy
  • I like Lisa too
  • Oh my
  • No condom? That’s just irresponsible. Can puppets get STDs?
  • Intriguing
  • OMG he did buy it
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • Liked that
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One Response to 2018 Film Challenge: 26. Anomalisa

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    Hadn’t seen this one before either, but I like the other Charlie Kaufman films I’ve seen, so I was looking forward to it. This was another Amazon Video rental, and as it started I’m not even sure I was aware it was animated, so that was a little unexpected.

    Anyway, what an odd little film (although as you say not as strange as some of Kaufman’s other work)! I really liked it though. Michael was really rather unlikable wasn’t he? I understand it must be a very lonely and depressing life he leads, but come on, the odd smile every now and again wouldn’t hurt! I really liked the device of having the same voice actor doing all the voices of the other characters, it worked surprisingly well I thought, and made it seem so much more momentous when he heard Lisa’s voice for the first time.

    I thought the nightmare, the breakdown at the conference and then the party were all really interestingly done, and I couldn’t quite believe that he actually bought that as a gift for his young son!

    Overall, I really liked this, a very unique idea, done in a really unique way. Very enjoyable.

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