2018 Film Challenge: 22. Cabaret

I only watched Cabaret for the first time a few years ago. I was familiar with the songs and had seen clips of it, but somehow hadn’t ever watched the film. I now have it on DVD and really enjoyed watching it for a second time. I also saw the stage show last year, which was great.

The thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • 2 successive films with Joel Grey in. Is it weird that I mostly think of him as the lizardy dude from Buffy?
  • I love this song – it reminds me of a school dance show where a group of girls danced to it. Potentially more provocative than was appropriate, but it was great. I have it on video.
  • I love the Fosse dance style
  • She’s not shy, is she?
  • I love Sally in this scene. Classy syphilis conversation.
  • Gigolo’s a great word
  • A jumper with nothing underneath? I feel itchy just seeing that.
  • Ah, it’s the creepy Nazi child scene.
  • You can’t put a candle on a record!
  • It’s disturbing how much of this is still relevant.
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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I’d never seen Cabaret before (or the musical it’s based on, or the play that the musical was based on, and I’ve never read the book that that the play was based on either), and if I’m being honest, when I saw it on the list I wasn’t overly looking forward to watching it. I think I’ve mentioned before how I’m not a huge fan of musicals (the bursting into song for no reason thing), although I did enjoy God Help The Girl and Dancer In The Dark recently, and they’re both kind of musicals, so maybe that’s changing. This didn’t seem to be available on any of the streaming services, so I bought it on DVD. Specifically the ‘special edition’, although from what I could see there wasn’t anything particularly special about this particular version. The most notable thing was the aspect ratio, the case said it was 16:9 letterboxed, however it was both letterboxed and pillarboxed, which meant a significant proportion of the screen was taken up by black space.

    Anyway, the film itself. Basically, I thought it was okay. I’m afraid I didn’t find the plot overly engaging, and my attention did wonder a bit in parts, plus I found most of the male characters a bit interchangeable. There were aspects I liked however, the look of the film, particularly in the Kit-Kat Club was great, and who doesn’t like Life Is A Cabaret as a song?! Liza Minelli was fab too of course.

    So, overall, I’d say I found it middling. I’d like to re-watch this sometime, I was a bit annoyed about various public transport fails on my journey home from work, so I wonder if my bad mood clouded my judgement somewhat.

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