2018 Film Challenge: 18. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

The first of quite a few Almodóvar films on the list (I think there are 5 in total) – mostly because I inherited a box set of 4 of his films from my ex. This is one of the ones from the box set, plus one I’d seen before, though my memory of it was very vague. I’d remembered enjoying it and thankfully enjoyed it again on 2nd viewing (possibly partly because I’d forgotten what happens). It’s about a guy who kidnaps an actress (one who has worked in porn, though that’s not really relevant) and plans to keep her captive until she falls in love with him (because obviously). In some ways it’s a lot less disturbing than that makes it sound, as it has quite a bit of humour to it too, but it does also have a definite disturbing quality. It’s hard to say much about it without it getting spoilery, so I’ll just leave you with the thoughts I had whilst watching it:

  • How many of Almodóvar’s films include the making of other films?
  • I think I’ve mixed up bits of this with Broken Embraces in my memory
  • The wig!
  • Antonio Banderas plays weird and creepy so well
  • Creepy!
  • ‘My moustache will fall off’. Ha ha ha ha.
  • I love how he has no inner monologue and just says whatever he’s thinking
  • Why are there suddenly Nazis?
  • He Man!
  • Woman, what are you doing?
  • There’s more weeing in this film than in most films
  • This film’s so fucked up

Edit: I just checked and there were 5 films in the box set, so there are 6 of his films on the list

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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    This was another film I hadn’t seen before – in fact I’d only previously seen one other Almodovar movie (which we’ll get to a little later in this challenge). I purchased this via Amazon Video (it wasn’t available to rent for some reason), and for the most part I really enjoyed it.

    It reminded me of MicMacs a little in some ways, not in English, about a misfit who is doing wrong but you are at least a little sympathetic to him, with a quirky kind of humour about it. I thought both Victoria Abril and Antonio Banderas were great, and that Loles Leon was hilarious at times.

    If you think about it, this should be a very disturbing film, but it’s really not presented in that way, being more an unusual, romantic (?) comedy.

    The only part I really didn’t like was when Ricky headbutted Marina, this made me feel very uncomfortable. I’m also not 100% sold on the ending. I understand how the system basically failed Ricky, and that he just wanted love and a normal life, but y’know, he still kidnapped her! I’m not sure how realistic it is that Marina would have fallen in love with him, and I’m certainly not convinced that Lola would just have accepted it quite so readily.

    Overall, a very enjoyable hour and forty minutes.

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