2018 Film Challenge: 16. God Help The Girl

This was a bit of an impulse purchase in December/January. I saw it in Cex for £1.50 and figured it was worth checking out for that price. I really like the album of the same name (the music of which is heavily featured in the film), plus it has Cassie from Skins, playing another character called Cassie. And it has Josie Long pop up for an incredibly brief cameo.

I hadn’t been expecting much of it, as reviews are pretty mixed, but that probably helped me to enjoy it more. It’s a little strange in some places – it’s not always clear how much of the musical bits are actually meant to be happening – but it kinda doesn’t matter, you just take it and enjoy it for what it is. I can see it being quite divisive¬†in that you’ll either appreciate and enjoy the somewhat-twee tone of it, or you really won’t. Personally I liked it. It’s nothing revolutionary or must-see, but it’s a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours.

Here are the notes I took whilst watching it:

  • This film’s already done a better job of capturing live music than 9 Songs did
  • Josie Long!!
  • This is pretty much how I’d have imagined it would be for this album to come to life
  • I was just wondering when Perfection As A Hipster was going to pop up. It’s my fave on the album.
  • I want to be that old lady when I’m older
  • Cassie’s so like Cassie
  • That’s a pretty cool chippy
  • Ha ha, what the hell?
  • Hee hee, sperm scientists
  • Wait, what?
  • It’s hard to know how much of this is actually meant to be happening. You kinda just gotta go with it.
  • Why does she like that guy?
  • Not sure what I think of that as an ending.
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  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I really like Belle & Sebastian, but for whatever reason I’ve just never gotten around to watching this before (I’ve also never even heard the album before, which is perhaps even more surprising). I think it may be because I’m not a big fan of musicals. I mean I like film, and I like music, but I usually find it really contrived when members of the cast keep bursting into song – it often just seems to get in the way of the narrative.

    Anyway, I rented this via Amazon Video, and I’m really glad I did. I really, really liked this a lot. I thought all three leads were fab, especially Emily Browning as Eve. She was really believable in the role, and I found her performance quite touching in parts. I only watched the first two series of Skins (along with the wrap up final series), but Cassie was always my favourite character by a mile. I was pleased therefore, that she basically played the exact same person here (not just the name, the mannerisms and everything were almost identical). Interesting trivia note, in her two part story in the wrap up series, her stalker/friend was played by Olly Alexander who played James here, so that was a slightly amusing dynamic to me. With Josie Long’s brief cameo, it was a full on Skins reunion!

    I’m surprised by how negative some of the reviews of this are. I guess it’s a very Belle & Sebastian-esque film in some ways, beloved by fans, but perhaps just too twee for others. Overall, I very much enjoyed this, and will definitely pick it up on DVD (I’ll get the original album too, so I can see the genesis of it all).

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