2018 Film Challenge: 1. Enter The Void

If you’re wondering what this film challenge thing is all about, check out my previous blog post.

So, Enter The Void (IMDB info). This is a film I’d had downloaded for quite a while but kept putting off watching (partly because it’s quite long). I thought that I’d found it via some kind of list of ‘strangest films’, though as the film progressed, it seemed more likely that it was a list of disturbing/bleak films! Pretty sure it was a list that also included Requiem For A Dream (which I watched last year). There’s a line in the film that basically sums up the premise of it: “dying as the ultimate trip”. It’s pretty trippy, though not as much as I’d expected, actually. Overall I enjoyed it, but it’s hard to explain why. It kept my attention for the 2 hours and 40 minutes running time, so that’s no mean feat. I started to write a list of notes/thoughts during the film, as I thought it’d give useful reminders as to what I could write here, but I then decided that it’d actually be more entertaining (and easier!) to just directly post the list here. So, here are the bullet-pointed thoughts that I had whilst watching the film. I’ve avoided anything too spoilery (they’re mostly deliberately vague for that reason). Hopefully it provides a decent insight as to what you can expect from watching it:

  • Starts off with credits – symbolic of moving backwards?
  • Peep Show like, but with blinking
  • Like a Windows screensaver
  • I’m not sure if this is relaxing or terrifying
  • Bit of a pervy floating spirit
  • OK, it just got way pervier
  • Dying as the ultimate trip
  • Ew, no. That surely can’t be a properly performed medical procedure.
  • Don’t zoom in on that!
  • This is all pretty bleak really. Bright lights aside.
  • Now I’m confused
  • Glowing vaginas?
  • Glowing penis!
  • That’s an angle you don’t usually get to see that from!
  • I’m not sure if this is kinda sweet or really disturbing
  • Yeah, disturbing
  • I kinda enjoyed that, I think, but also feel traumatised
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2 Responses to 2018 Film Challenge: 1. Enter The Void

  1. Crashing Elliptical says:

    I’d never actually heard of this film before, but as it was the first one on your list, I idly decided to read its Wikipedia entry. As I did so, I thought this actually sounds really interesting, and as I had nothing better to do with my Saturday evening I decided to give it a watch. I rented it via Amazon Video, which was something I’d never done before (hurrah for technology!), but as it was 2 hours 40 minutes plus, it seemed like value for £3.49.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed it. I didn’t even really notice the length, as I kind of got absorbed in, if not the story exactly, the experience of it all. I’ve never taken hallucinogenic drugs before, or been to Tokyo, or, erm, experienced what Oscar did, so have no idea how accurate it all is but it definitely held my interest. Was it just me though, or did Oscar and Linda’s relationship seem a little too “close”?
    All in all, I thought it was pretty good. If I wanted to re-watch it, I think it’s the sort of film I’d probably want to show to other people who are watching for the first time and watch along with them, rather than necessarily watching it alone again.

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