Top 777 Songs: 10 – 01

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I can’t quite believe this is the last of these posts. Thank you to anyone who’s read them and posted comments (whether here, on Facebook, or on Twitter) – I don’t think I’d have made it to the end without that interaction. Extra thanks also to anyone who’s listened to any of the Mixcloud mixes. As I can see the stats for them, I know a lot of them haven’t been listened to (other than by me!), but they’re also not going anywhere (unless Mixcloud shuts down, I guess), so should you ever be at a loose end for something to listen to, they’ll be there. If you only listen to one of them, I suppose it should be this one, as it’s my 10 favourite songs, but it’s also probably the least instantly-accessible collection of songs – the majority of them being over 5 minutes long and a couple of them being over 8 minutes long! So the Mixcloud mix is almost twice the length of most previous ones! Still, I promise it doesn’t seem that long and is well worth listening to. What’s on it? Well, let’s see…




SixTaken From: Mansun – Six (1998)

“And my life, it’s a series of compromises anyway”

Last time I just said this:

Quite surprised this isn’t higher but there ya go. Brilliant brilliant song.

I’m pleased it’s now got a far more deserving high entry. It’s a brilliant opening track, so I’m really pleased it’s specifically ended up in tenth place, as it also gets to be the opening track on the Mixcloud mix. I could have used the much shorter single version, of course, which I also love and probably listen to more often, but it’s the album version that’s particularly impressive and makes it worthy of its top 10 placing. Six is my favourite Mansun album and one of my favourite albums in general, and this song perfectly showcases why. The video below is of the single version, so if you’re short on time, have a listen to that instead.



Common People

Different ClassTaken From: Pulp – Different Class (1995)

“You’ll never watch your life slide out of view, and dance and drink and screw, because there’s nothing else to do”

I see this song as the epitome of Britpop – in the good sense (not that I’d ever personally mean that in a bad sense). The lyrics, the music… Jarvis! It’s just perfect really. I have lots of fond memories of dancing to it at various indie nights, plus also, most recently, at my cousin’s wedding. On the wedding invite, it asked guests to nominate a song that would get them dancing, so I requested this. I think there were only 3 or 4 of us who actually danced to it, including me and my cousin Paul (the brother of the groom), but hey, we had a good time! I also have fond memories of it being played at a ’90s night’ in Toronto that I went to, even though most Canadians didn’t seem to be familiar with it – kudos to the DJ.



The 2 Of Us

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“Two silhouettes by the cash machine make a lovers dance. It’s a tango for the lonely wives of the business class”

I’ll often mention how the best way to listen to the second half of Dog Man Star is on headphones, lying in bed, in the dark. I did this quite a lot during the period of time when I was living in Stourport, so this album and the last few songs on it always transport me back there. It’s an incredibly beautiful and emotional song. And I do love me some piano.



This Is Hardcore

This Is HardcoreTaken From: Pulp – This Is Hardcore (1998)

“What exactly do you do for the encore?”

Last time I said this:

My favourite Pulp song. A lot of my top 20 songs seem to be of the grand and epic variety. Either that or very high energy, bouncy and anthemic. This song’s more epic – but in a kinda sleazy way! Brilliant.

It’s still my favourite Pulp song, plus that’s still an accurate way of describing my top 20 and particularly my top 10. I really love the video to this too – I think it’s partly what helped me fall in love with the song (‘hey, I went to college once, but all they found were rats in my head’):



Animal Nitrate

SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“What does it take to turn you on?”

Suede have the most songs in the top 10 – possibly unsurprisingly, even though Catatonia are my favourite band. Animal Nitrate is my most-listened-to Suede song, plus currently my 2nd-most-listened-to song in general (as evidenced here). I’m not sure I can add to what I said about it last time, which is still very much true:

I find it impossible to listen to this song without needing to gyrate my hips and generally shake my bum about – which proves interesting when trying to walk down the street at the same time! So so brilliant to dance to, I’m always happy when it comes up on my MP3 player. Brilliant live as well.



The Show Must Go On

InnuendoTaken From: Queen – Innuendo (1991)

“Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance. Another heartache, another failed romance.”

Although I knew that ‘It’s Late’ was no longer my favourite Queen song, I wasn’t actually sure what I now considered my favourite Queen song until I did this chart and started comparing all the songs of theirs I considered favourites. This was the winner. Considering my love of epic and emotional songs, it’s probably not that much of a surprise really. Only surprising that it was as low as it was last time.



Mulder And Scully

International VelvetTaken From: Catatonia – International Velvet (1998)

“And as for some happy ending? I’d rather stay single and thin.

Being their two highest-charting singles, it’s quite natural to compare this song to Road Rage. A lot of people will proclaim Road Rage to be the better song, which is a fine opinion to have, and one that you’re well entitled to, but I’m now going to tell you why you’re wrong… Yes, I’m sure that Road Rage is more musically clever – I know I’ve read things along those lines – plus some people might dismiss Mulder and Scully as being too gimmicky, with the reference to Sci-Fi characters, though Road Rage has an equally-zeitgeisty reference point, so unless you’re being snobby about TV/Sci-Fi references (which could be a whole separate rant), I don’t see how that’s a valid argument. For me, the main comparison that makes all the difference, is the emotion of the song, which Mulder And Scully wins hands-down. If you don’t see it as an emotional song then you’ve clearly never listened to it properly. I tend to describe it as my theme tune, which it is for so many reasons. I mean, it’s a song about being torn between finding love and just staying single and thin. Hello, my life! ‘If my bed is made for two, is there nothing I can do? Must we all march in two by two by two?’ Yes, ok, maybe referencing Mulder and Scully is a little bit gimmicky, but for me personally, a massive X-Files fan, who’ll genuinely look to Mulder and Scully for a bit of comfort and clarity, it still manages to pack an emotional punch, whether intentionally or not. Plus that takes me to the additional significance of this song to me, which I described decently well last time, so will just quote that:

It’s also a very sentimental song to me as it’s the song that got me into Catatonia, which has become quite a significant thing in my life. Getting into Catatonia also got me into the indie scene generally and also introduced me to the Welsh music scene. I seriously can’t imagine how completely different my life would be now if I hadn’t gotten into Catatonia. The experiences I’ve had, the friends I’ve made, my personality and outlook on things…it’s quite a scary thought. I still listen to this song a lot and I can’t imagine ever tiring of it.

I like how I say Catatonia had become ‘quite a significant thing in my life’ – a slight understatement, I’d say, but hey. Plus that was before I was personally in contact with Cerys and helping her out with website/social media type stuff! I really can’t overstate how important this song has been to me. Although it’s only in 4th place, in terms of favourites, it’s easily first in terms of significance. For the video, I’m sharing the TOTP performance, as you get massive pictures of David and Gillian, plus Cerys wearing a tiara – win:



Moth To A Flame

Tears From A WillowTaken From: Ooberman – Tears From A Willow (single) (1999)

“Kinda hoped that my anxiety would turn to ESP and you would notice”

The first non-mover in the chart. The single of Tears From A Willow was the first Ooberman release that I bought, so this song played a big part in my falling in love with Ooberman and them becoming one of my favourite bands. This has been my favourite Ooberman song for as long as I can remember and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I love the changes in tempo, plus the lyrics – that Andy Flett magic – I hope he’s still making music and will be sharing it with the world (hint hint, on the off-chance you’re reading this, Andy). Ooberman speak to my soul in a way that other bands don’t – I’m fairly sure that one of my dating profiles mentions/mentioned how fellow Ooberman fans will get bonus points, as I feel like they’re a special type of person. In a way that now feels symbolic, my ex wasn’t particularly into Ooberman, but did play this song for me a few times during his DJ sets – back when he was trying to impress/please me (mostly before we were actually dating) – he did also buy an Ooberman t-shirt, which I think he only wore once, but which I now have. Anyway, despite him not being a true Ooberfan, I still love that an Ooberman b-side got played multiple times in The City Arms. Unsurprisingly, as the most obscure song in my top 10, it’s not on YouTube, but treat yourself to the Mixcloud mix (when you’ve got a spare hour!).



The Asphalt World

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“When you’re there in her arms and there in her legs, well I’ll be in her head”

Yes, you can now deduce that the top 3 hasn’t changed. When certain songs are so cemented as your favourites, it becomes hard to imagine that changing. Weirdly, for my 2nd favourite song of all time, I find it really difficult to find anything to say about it – it’s not so much about personal significance as it is about it just being a breathtakingly brilliant song. Last time I just said this:

My favourite Suede song. Just amazing and epic. It’s about 9 minutes long but it never seems it.

Yep, that pretty much covers it.



That’s All Folks

Strange GlueTaken From: Catatonia – Strange Glue (single) (1998)

“At least you wear your bruises well. At least you have some tale, something about you”

Of course my favourite song is a Catatonia b-side. Peak Chantal. So as not to repeat myself, I’ll share what I said about it last time:

Surely most people won’t be surprised that there’s a Catatonia song at number 1! I’m sure a lot of people also know that my favourite Catatonia song is That’s All Folks. So yeah, maybe not a big surprise here, but I just love this song so much. Like Moth To A Flame is my favourite Ooberman song, That’s All Folks happens to be a b-side on the first Catatonia CD I bought (the Strange Glue single). So part of it probably is sentimentality, but it’s also just a brilliant song. The way in which it starts off as this beautiful piano torch-song and then decends into madness. I find it very cathartic and if I’m in a bad mood I like to blast it out loudly and scream along. There’s nothing quite like shouting ‘fuck all folks’ and then spinning/stumbling round the room while this music flows over you. I highly recommend it! I also love the fact that it basically became a b-side because Warners didn’t want to put it on International Velvet, due to the fact it’s kinda derogatory towards them! It was also notably missed off CD2 of the Greatest Hits, despite the fact it’s blatantly one of their best b-sides (though all their b-sides were fab of course!). I like that though – I’m pleased it’s only available on Strange Glue as it makes it more of a hidden treasure. However, despite saying that, if you haven’t heard it, I would recommend trying to download it! 😉

It did actually later get released on a Best Of type affair (namely this one, which is a bargain by the way), which kinda bugged me (for the above elitist reasons of liking it being obscure!), but hey, that’s just my inner indie-snob escaping. Plus in this day and age, with streaming services (and, er, YouTube *points below*), it’s not like much stays obscure anyway. Which is a good thing. Mostly. I think. Is it? Whatever. Crank this up loud and enjoy:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

Well, that’s it, the end! Should you have missed any posts along the way, they can all be found on this blog, of course, though if you just want a run-down of the songs, without my wittering, then #Top777 on Twitter, should sort you out (though annoyingly you have to ignore some tweets from a Dutch radio station that seems to have jumped in on my hashtag! What’s that about?).

That’s all folks.

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 20 – 11

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:

We’ve reached the top 20! It’s the penultimate post! A few stats before I start the countdown:

  • Only 8 of the songs in the top 20 were previously in the top 20
  • Only one of the top 20 songs is a new entry
  • The top 20 is made up of songs from 9 different bands/artists
  • The top 20 is 25% Welsh bands, 70% English bands and 5% Canadian (yes, only one song is from a non-British artist)



I Don’t Believe In You

I Don't Believe In YouTaken From: Melys – I Don’t Believe In You (single) (2001)

“The less I seem to care, the more you want me there”

Previously my 2nd favourite Melys song, it’s since become my favourite. As I said last time, ‘I can’t see how you couldn’t love it’! It’s just brilliant. It’s not on any of the albums, though it is on the Dutch compilation Suikerspin, if you’re looking to get hold of it. The below video has the best quality audio for it, plus was done by a friend of mine:



The Bluetones
Marblehead Johnson

Marblehead JohnsonTaken From: The Bluetones – Marblehead Johnson (single) (1996)

“When the skies go clear, the threat of rain is always here with you”

From one awesome single that wasn’t on an album, to another! As I got into The Bluetones fairly late (around the time of Science & Nature), I remember being slightly confused when I first heard them play this live, as I recognised it and it was clearly well known, but it wasn’t on any of the albums I’d bought. I must have looked it up and downloaded it soon after; seemingly from someone who ripped it from ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 35’! I’ve since bought multiple legitimate copies on CD, I hasten to add (plus have it on vinyl too), but it still pleases me that my MP3 copy is tagged as being from Now 35. Anyway, it’s a brilliant song, which I’ve just loved more and more over the years.




Way Beyond BlueTaken From: Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (1996)

“Now his intentions unfold, they’re not what they seem. He only wants to take control.”

I love how punchy and in your face this song is. Plus the lyrics are great and quite easily overlooked. As I was writing the lyric above, I realised how apt it seems in the current climate, with women making a stand against abusive men. This song is very much about that. And it’s awesome. Plus I love the video and the random shark. Actually, I saw the video before I owned Way Beyond Blue, so hadn’t heard Bleed before. I’m pretty sure it was the exact video below, as I taped Sky One Long Play one night. Anyway, because it’s the ‘clean version’, it weirdly cuts out where the swearing’s meant to be, so initially I wasn’t sure whether the lyric was something like ‘do you believe this book’, or whether it was ‘bull…’ and had been censored for the single. The latter being true, of course. Although I just watched the below video and they’ve overdubbed it with the album version, so you do get the swearing! Meh, anyway, enjoy:



The Living Dead

Stay TogetherTaken From: Suede – Stay Together (single) (1994)

“All up the hole in your arm, is the needle a much better screw?”

A fan favourite – my love for it grew and grew as a result of some beautiful live performances – you tend to get the crowd singing along and it’s just a brilliant atmosphere. Plus it’s a really moving song anyway. Here’s a beautiful performance of it at the O2:



The Bluetones
Keep The Home Fires Burning

Science & NatureTaken From: The Bluetones – Science & Nature (2000)

“That man who would save us from the hurt the world brings, neglected to mention who would save us from him”

The song that got me into The Bluetones. I heard it on the radio and was just bowled over. Lyrically it’s quite emotional, addressing domestic violence, but I also kinda love how it starts off sounding like a Hovis advert. That’s obviously intentional – setting the scene of some idyllic country lifestyle, when really there are problems beneath the surface. Like in Blue Velvet with the picket fences and then the chopped off ear. Hmm…  Has anyone compared The Bluetones to David Lynch before? Is that a first? Anyway, the video brings the added joy of Mark Morriss as a Valkyrie (albeit briefly), which I personally very much enjoy:



Goldfish and Paracetamol

International VelvetTaken From: Catatonia – International Velvet (1998)

“Coming second best is close to ideal”

A lot of my love for this song has always come from the lyrics – they’re just so good – really clever but also emotional. There was a Radio 1 documentary about International Velvet where Cerys talks about this song and says how it’s about being ‘a hyper-paranoid wreck on a bike at 6 in the morning, trying to find company’, which is such a powerful image. Plus it’s musically really interesting and quite different to most of the album – Mark mentions in that same documentary how it just gets going and then stops, which he really likes as it makes you want to play it again. So feel free to play this and then play it again:



The Wild Ones

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“We’ll shine like the morning and sin in the sun, oh if you stay

Ah man, I just discovered another misheard lyric of mine! I had to pull out the Dog Man Star inlay, as I thought the internet was lying to me (which it often does, to be fair). But no, the lyric I thought was ‘we’ll fly through the sky’s suburban grays’ is actually ‘we’ll ride from disguised suburban graves’. Damn it. I’m so going to just keep singing that incorrectly. Plus listening to it again just now – it definitely sounds more like ‘fly’ than ‘ride’! Anyway, specifics of the lyrics aside, it’s a beautiful song, plus one that Brett often describes as his favourite Suede song. Something I also mentioned the last time I did this chart:

This song’s just so so beautiful. I know Brett said it was his favourite Suede song and I totally understand why. My favourite memory of it is at the end of the last gig at the Astoria, when all the fans started singing it acapella – despite the fact they kept telling us all to get out so they could set up for G.A.Y!

Awwww, I miss The Astoria.




Hey PetrunkoTaken From: Ooberman – Hey Petrunko (2003)

“How many butterflies have died in growing old and trying to please the ones they least admire?”

I’d imagine this is quite a marmite track! I said this about it last time:

One of those songs that when I heard it for the first time I just went ‘what on earth was that?!!!’. It grew on me more and more though and I very quickly fell in love with it. And it was just amazing live!! Danny playing the violin was just ‘wow’! Brilliant. I especially love the album version.

Yep, it’s a very rare track in that my favourite version isn’t the first one I heard – the extra bits you get on the album version, compared to the one on the Bluebell Morning EP, just take it to another level. It’s also really interesting to read Dan’s notes on it at the bottom of this page. I’d partly love for Ooberman to play live again, in the hope that they’d do this, as it was so good (though I’d take them playing live in any form – with or without SnakeDance). That bit where there’s the pause and then the 3 notes of bass!! Love love love it. Really wish there was at least some video footage or something, but it was pre-smartphone!



The Bluetones
Sleazy Bed Track

Return To The Last Chance SaloonTaken From: The Bluetones – Return To The Last Chance Saloon (1998)

“Climb up here with me and let’s forget about sleep”

I spent quite a while debating which order to put ‘Marblehead Johnson’, ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’ and this song in, as I love them all about the same. However, in the end I decided that ‘Sleazy Bed Track’ was still my favourite Bluetones song, even if only just. There’s just something about the style of it. I do enjoy a bit of sleaze (in a song!!).



Hawksley Workman
Jealous Of Your Cigarette

Last Night We Were...Taken From: Hawksley Workman – (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (2001)

“I’m jealous of your cigarette and how you wanna suck on it, and not me”

It’s the one new entry in the top 20, plus the one non-British entry! Good work Mr Workman. My favourite track of his was actually Striptease for a long time, but then at some point this took over and has stayed at the top. I love how fast the lyrics are and just how catchy it is. The video’s a favourite too:

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

17. Remy Zero – Save Me (Yes, the theme to Smallville. This is the highest charting song to have totally dropped out of the chart.)

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 30 – 21

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Big Leaves

Pwy Sy'n Galw?Taken From: Big Leaves – Pwy Sy’n Galw? (2000)

My favourite Big Leaves song – it’s just so beautiful. Last time I described it as ‘kinda hypnotic’. It translates as either ‘muse’ or ‘meditate’, so I guess the hypnotic feel is quite appropriate.



We Are The Pigs

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“Let the nuclear wind blow away my sins”

It’s another song from Dog Man Star, but of course. I love the feel of this song – there’s a wonderful darkness to it, whilst also managing to be a catchy single. The creepy singing children at the end give it a Lord Of The Flies kinda feel, though I also very much enjoy the 1984-esque Big Brother’s watching type video:



The Bluetones

Expecting To FlyTaken From: The Bluetones – Expecting To Fly (1996)

“When I am sad and weary, when all my hope is gone, I walk around my house and think of you with nothing on”

Another song where I misheard one of the lyrics for years. I thought it was ‘there’s no harm to come out with a certain little smile’, when it’s actually ‘there’s no heart you can’t melt with a certain little smile’. I think it was at a Mark Morriss solo gig that I realised he was singing something different to me, so then went home and googled the lyrics. I still have to actively think about the right lyric in order to avoid singing the wrong one. Anyway, it’s an ace song and one that I’m always happy to hear.



The Divine Comedy
To Die A Virgin

Victory For The Comic MuseTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Victory For The Comic Muse (2006)

“I can feel your heart beating and your breathing increasing. Your folks are out for the evening. I really hope I’m not dreaming.”

By far my favourite song on this album. I fell in love with it pretty instantly. I remember having it as the profile song on my MySpace page for ages (awwww MySpace). I also enjoy how the bird flu lyric instantly dates it to 2006.



The Bluetones
Never Going Nowhere

LuxembourgTaken From: The Bluetones – Luxembourg (2003)

“Your once charming foibles now drive me up the wall”

I found it really difficult to choose a favourite between this and Bluetonic. This won out, I think largely because it evokes more of an emotional reaction – that’s generally a deciding factor for me. It’s another very relatable post-breakup song. And yes, it’s intentionally a double negative – I remember Mark referencing this before they played it at a Birmingham gig I went to around the time of Luxembourg’s release.



The Divine Comedy
Our Mutual Friend

Absent FriendsTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends (2004)

“We sank down to the floor and we sang a song that I can’t sing anymore. And then we kissed and fell unconscious.”

In the same way that I struggled to choose between the two Bluetones songs, I also struggled to choose between this and To Die A Virgin. Again this one probably won out because it’s the more emotional song. I’m amazed it charted so low last time though – what was that about? I guess it must have been a bit of a grower. I also love that the demo version (and the live version) includes ‘the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore’, but that it was changed to ‘a song that I can’t sing anymore’ for the album release. For some reason, I always think of the performance of this on Jonathan Ross’ show – maybe that was the point at which I properly fell in love with it. Anyway, I feel like that’s the video I need to share:



Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Sweet Johnny

Gorky 5Taken From: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Gorky 5 (1998)

“Why don’t I get my daddy’s car and knock those fuckers down ’cause they’ve gone too far

This has been my favourite Gorky’s song for a long time. I’ve even currently got a poster of it in my living room above the TV. I made sure it was in the background of a photo I tweeted to Euros Childs, of me with a colander on my head. I ended up coming 9th in his colander countdown. Modern life’s weird innit? Anyway, this song’s ace, even if it’s potentially an acquired taste (as evidenced one time my ex played it during a DJ set and most of his friends were like ‘wtf is this?’). The video’s brilliant too, as it’s done by Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish and parodies other music videos, but using toys (of course). I think the Bittersweet Symphony bit is my favourite. If you were a fan of the Adam & Joe Show and haven’t seen this before, enjoy!:



Barenaked Ladies
In The Car

StuntTaken From: Barenaked Ladies – Stunt (1998)

“Once I had this dream where I slept with her Mom. Unless I’ve got this wrong, a secret all along. Unless she hears this song…”

I feel like this has been my favourite Barenaked Ladies song for quite a long time, yet it didn’t chart at all last time. How is that? Had I overlistened to it at that point, or did it not join my favourites until later? Not really sure. Anyway, I love it. Mostly for the lyrics I suppose. Plus it amuses me that I get slightly embarrassed at singing along to the ‘mutual masturbation’ line, even when I’m on my own!



Blossoms Falling

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“I should say I love you. I want to, I want to.”

Last time I said this about it:

My 2nd favourite Ooberman song and my favourite from The Magic Treehouse. It’s the song I tend to use to introduce people to Ooberman. I haven’t met a single person I’ve played this to who hasn’t really liked it! I love the acoustic version of it too.

It’s only my 3rd favourite Ooberman song now, though it’s still my favourite on The Magic Treehouse. It’s mega-catchy and poppy, but the ‘I should say I love you…’ bit will also always stab me in the heart. In a good way. The video’s quite cheesy but I kinda love it regardless.



Cerys Matthews
Smash The Glass

Don't Look DownTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Don’t Look Down (2009)

“Love’s a four-letter word, best left unsaid and unheard, and it will never let you down.”

My favourite Cerys solo song. It’s made it up into the top 10 of my most listened to songs on, which is particularly impressive considering it wasn’t released until 2009 (though I must have had a copy slightly sooner as scrobbled it twice in 2008!). I partly love it for being so upbeat and catchy, but what really makes it for me, and the reason why it’s my favourite, is the start of the 2nd verse. The part that starts ‘why can’t I believe it when you tell me that you love me?’. I kinda wish that I didn’t relate to it as much as I do, but it’s meant so much to me over the past 8 years – particularly during the 2013-2015 period of time, as evidenced by my listening habits. I feel like it’s part of me. All the love to Cerys for writing it and making it part of my life. I can’t find a decent online version to share, but you can find it on the Mixcloud mix, or ideally you should treat yourself to a signed copy of the album from Cerys’ online shop here. Unless you have it already, of course, which I’d imagine a decent proportion of my friends do! I’m mostly just preaching to the converted, right? Like I need to tell you how awesome Smash The Glass is… pff. Stating the obvious, Chan.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 40 – 31

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Gyda Gwên

Way Beyond BlueTaken From: Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (1996)

“Nid du a gwyn, ond hollol lliwgar”

I’m just going to repeat what I said about it last time:

My favourite version’s the one on Way Beyond Blue, as it’s the one I heard first, but both are great. It’s a fairly simple song really but it’s just so beautiful. I remember being so jealous of the people at Margam Park when they played it live there, and then so annoyed at the BBC for not showing it in their footage!! However, it was made up for at Sesiwn Fawr in 2004, when Cerys opened her set with it. I thought I’d never get to hear it live, so that was definitely a special moment 🙂



Hawksley Workman

Last Night We Were...Taken From: Hawksley Workman – (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves (2001)

“In any place you’ll allow, I want you now, I want you now”

It seems weird that this is a new entry as it’s been a favourite for such a long time now. It was my most played song on for quite a few years. However, looking at, it seems like I didn’t fall in love with it until 2006, so slightly too late for the last time I did this chart. I scrobbled it 36 times that year! And that won’t include any plays on my portable MP3 player. I remember listening to it back-to-back on occasion and dancing around my living room to it. It’s catchy and sexy and awesome.



Love Of My Life

A Night At The OperaTaken From: Queen – A Night At The Opera (1975)

“Don’t take it away from me because you don’t know what it means to me”

No longer up there with my top 10 favourites, but it’ll always be a song I love. Last time I said this about it:

Such a beautiful song. It’s always been one of my favourites. My favourite memory of it now though is of seeing Queen & Paul Rodgers at Hyde Park and the audience singing along with Brian on this song. Totally amazing atmosphere.

However, as wonderful a moment as that live version was, I still wish I’d gotten to witness something like this live performance of it by Freddie. Spine tingling:




Coming UpTaken From: Suede – Coming Up (1996)

“Maybe it’s the clothes we wear, the tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair.”

Traaaaaash. I wear less tasteless bracelets these days but very much still have the dye in my hair. Last time I said this:

The Suede-Fans anthem! My favourite memory by far of this song is the live performance of it at the last Suede gig. It was the last song they did and oh my did they go out with a bang! Listening to the bootleg makes me want to grin and cry in equal measures!

Awwww, the sad period of time when Suede weren’t together. I’m incredibly pleased that wasn’t the last time I got to see them do that song live. I’m hoping there are more future times to come too – they’ve been pretty quiet recently, though I guess Brett’s been writing his memoirs, which I can’t wait to read! Anyway, as it is a particular favourite live, I’ve gotta share a live performance of it, and this one’s a perfect example of why I love it so:



The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever

Magical Mystery TourTaken From: The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

“Living is easy with eyes closed. Misunderstanding all you see.”

My favourite Beatles song. I have fuzzy memories of it from childhood – I’m sure it was on some old video I used to watch quite often… Anyway, I’ve always liked it, but it’s become a proper favourite in recent years. Again, largely because of my love for Across The Universe. I love their version of the song and the visuals with the strawberries. I’ve gotta share it (though the Beatles version is the one that’s actually charting and is on the Mixcloud mix):



The Voluntary Butler Scheme
The Eiffel Tower & The BT Tower

At Breakfast, Dinner, TeaTaken From: The Voluntary Butler Scheme – At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea (2009)

“Like if you needed something reached, that I couldn’t reach, I’d unravel my favourite jumper just to make a lasso”

My favourite Voluntary Butler Scheme song! I first heard it played live, the first time I saw him – a few months before the album was then released. The gig was part of Dot To Dot festival in Bristol in May 2009. This was my favourite of the songs he’d played live – I fell in love with it instantly. At the end of the set he said how he had a few CDs for sale, so I went to buy one, hoping that it might have this song on it. The CD was a promo for Trading Things In, which just had 3 songs on it, but one of them was this one! I was so chuffed. I’m pretty sure it was the last copy he had too. It became and has remained my favourite song of his. I just love everything about it. Here’s a live performance of it, where annoyingly there’s a lot of background chatter (I hate people who talk at gigs), but you can still see why I fell in love with the live version – it’s ukulele and kazoo!:



Sur La Plage

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“Smoked a Gauloise with a rat and a condom. La cote d’azure.

Ah, one of the reasons why The Magic Treehouse is one of my favourite albums. So many bands release generic-sounding songs that could kinda be by anybody, but who else could have written this but Ooberman? It’s eclectic and weird and awesome. And has Dan pretending to be a sweary French truck driver!



Still Life

Dog Man StarTaken From: Suede – Dog Man Star (1994)

“There by the window, quietly killed for you”

Such an insanely beautiful and emotional song. The last 4 tracks of Dog Man Star are practically designed to do you in, though in the best possible way. Another 2 of those tracks are still to come, as are 2 tracks from earlier on on the album – yes, it’s my favourite Suede album, if that wasn’t obvious. This song is best listened to at night, in the dark, on headphones, but it’s enjoyable any time:



Sweet Catatonia

Way Beyond BlueTaken From: Catatonia – Way Beyond Blue (1996)

“If I say how I feel, again, is it wise to do it? Or like hearing for the umpteenth time a song you despise.”

Upbeat and catchy and fun, but also with brilliant and relatable lyrics that give it an emotional edge too. The perfect combination. Plus the video is one of my favourites – it’s got cute puppets, plus Paul playing bass with a beehive on his head! What’s not to love?



Beany Bean

Beany BeanTaken From: Ooberman – Beany Bean (single) (2002)

“I want a Jack D. A double Jack D.”

I hold this song partly responsible for my love of Jack Daniels! Ha ha. Like Sur La Plage it’s quite a bonkers but brilliant song, that I can’t imagine any other band having released. In terms of personal associations, I talked about that last time, so will lazily copy and paste:

Catchy ska type song. The video for it was uploaded to the website before the single was actually released, so I kept playing the video over and over again just to hear the song.
Edit: How did I forget to mention the single cover?! For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the cover consists of a plate of beans, where the beans are peoples’ heads. They’re mostly famous people though a few fans were thrown in too, including me 🙂 Actually I say ‘a few’ but I only know of me and Sui. Are there any others? I sent quite a few heads in to Danny actually and he sent the following reply: “wow, that’s a lot of heads! the most anyone’s sent, so thanks very much for your help. i’ll pass them on to the bean processing plant..”. Hee 😀 There are all sorts of peoples’ heads in there, including Michael Rosenbaum, which amazingly I personally didn’t send in! That makes me happy though. Anyway, I then got to meet Ooberman for the first time after the Preston gig. I nervously went up to Danny and asked how the Beany Bean cover was coming along and he said “Chantal?”. I was like ‘yay!’. So yes, I guess this is a pretty significant song to me 🙂

If you want a better view of the single cover, to try and spot my head, you can have a go on this one (it’s the largest version I can easily find online), though you’ll probably need to zoom in a bit. I’m next to the Queen Mum and a little way above Hitler (there’s a weird sentence). I sometimes forget that I was once on a single cover, but always feel proud when I remember. The video’s one of my favourite Ooberman ones too (even if I’m not in it! 😉 ):

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

37. Alanis Morissette – Ironic

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 50 – 41

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Keep Yourself Alive

QueenTaken From: Queen – Queen (1973)

“Do you think you’re better every day? No, I just think I’m two steps nearer to my grave.”

We’re into the top 50!! And what a way to kick it off. I’ve definitely appreciated this album more and more as time’s gone on and this song’s just brilliant.



Bluebell Morning

Hey PetrunkoTaken From: Ooberman – Hey Petrunko (2003)

“I feel like I slept ’til midday, but it still feels like I set the clock too soon”

I’m not sure I’ve got anything to add to what I said last time:

I first heard this song when taping Reading footage on ITV At The Festivals! I think it was Reading, anyway. It took a while to grow on me for some reason, but by the time it was actually released (which was quite a bit later!!) I really loved it. It’s another one of those songs that really gets inside of you.



The Fear

This Is HardcoreTaken From: Pulp – This Is Hardcore (1998)

“When you can’t even define what it is that you are frightened of, this song will be here.”

Last time I said this about it:

Brilliant song. It gained added significance last year when it came on my MP3 player the morning after I first had the panic attack trouble, and of course there’s the lyric in it ‘and here comes another panic attack’. I’ll always associate it with that now, which in a lot of ways is kinda a bad thing, but it kinda makes me feel better too.

I still very much associate it with that, but have just gained more and more affection for it. I was still having quite a bit of trouble with panic attacks and anxiety in general when I last did this chart and although that hasn’t completely gone away (does it ever?), I’m a lot better now and can generally keep on top of any panic symptoms. I still find this song quite comforting – just knowing that it’s not that unusual to feel scared of nothing in particular.




At The ClubTaken From: Kenickie – At The Club (1997)

“Lo-fi songs are great”

For some reason it took me quite a while to properly appreciate the aceness of this song, which I feel like I should make some kind of apology to the indie gods for. I mean, it’s Punka! It brings back fond memories of me, Jamie, Rich and Sheryl singing it as we were walking around Glastonbury in 2010.



Frida Hyvönen
Dirty Dancing

Silence Is WildTaken From: Frida Hyvönen – Silence Is Wild (2008)

“We used to dance the afternoons away with Kylie, back when the nineties were dawning.”

My favourite Frida song and the one that made me properly fall in love with her music. It’s also another that I’ve put on a decent number of mix CDs, as it’s just brilliant and should be heard by more people. If you’re curious about the title, it does make reference to the film, though you don’t need to be a fan of the film to enjoy it!



Roll Me In Cotton

The Magic TreehouseTaken From: Ooberman – The Magic Treehouse (1999)

“She preferred coffee to the rhythm”

Last time I said this:

Just a really beautiful song. Most songs on The Magic Treehouse are pretty instant, but this one particularly became an instant favourite. It hasn’t *quite* made it as my favourite song on The Magic Treehouse, but it was close.

Although it’s dropped a bit and is now only my 3rd favourite song on The Magic Treehouse, it’s still just as beautiful.



Cerys Matthews
Streets Of New York

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“You’re worth more than I could ever be, but I looked up and you had disappeared and left your crying to the rain

My favourite song on Never Said Goodbye. I love how encompassing the sound is (particularly on headphones) – it’s like you’re sucked into the song. I really feel like I’m lost in a big city, but don’t want to leave. No YouTube video to share, but you can listen on the Mixcloud mix, or you should just buy the album, because it’s awesome.



Flick Of The Wrist

Sheer Heart AttackTaken From: Queen – Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

“Reduce you to a muzak fake machine”

Last time I said this:

Ah I love this song. The memory it always brings to mind is of when I was in year 11 and on the plastic cover of my science book I wrote (amongst other things) ‘prostitute yourself he says. Castrate your human pride’. He he. I remember Lorna reading it over my shoulder and thinking I was completely mad!

I don’t think I really appreciated how weird a thing that was to write on the front of a school book! Ha ha. I think a lot of my love for this song comes from the words in it though – it has some great words – mesmerise, synchronise, cross-collateralise… The lyrics feel good in your mouth.



The Bluetones

Return To The Last Chance SaloonTaken From: The Bluetones – Return To The Last Chance Saloon (1998)

“It’s all that I can do to sing these stupid songs to you”

The classic ending to a Bluetones live set. And for good reason, it’s a great song with an ace singalong outro. I’m just surprised it was so low down last time.



Barenaked Ladies
Upside Down

Everything To EveryoneTaken From: Barenaked Ladies – Everything To Everyone (2003)

“Nothing’s good enough for me, to shake me from complacency”

One of those songs I’m always happy to hear. As I said about it last time, it’s ‘unlike anything else I can think of’. That’s a huge compliment, of course. Seriously, have a listen – I challenge you to listen to it and not feel happier than you did beforehand.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

None – they’re all still in.

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 60 – 51

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci
Patio Song

BarafundleTaken From: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Barafundle (1997)

“And if you really want to kiss her, just go right up and tell her”

Last time I said this about it:

Talking of bi-lingual songs, isn’t this the only one to get into the top 40 or something like that? Brilliant brilliant song. Oddly the memory I always get of it now is of when Mozz covered it at the Maes-B gig in Newport when they were supporting Sherbet Antlers. That was cool.

I just tried (and failed) to find the Welsh-language record that this song has – it wasn’t top 40 (it charted at 41) but was maybe the first Top 75 charting song with Welsh in it?! Also, just to clarify, Mozz were a Welsh band that were around for a little while – I’m not using it as an abbreviation of Morrissey (even though tries to autocorrect it thusly!). Although I’m sure that Morrissey singing Patio Song at TJs would have been a sight to behold.



David Bowie
Life On Mars?

Hunky DoryTaken From: David Bowie – Hunky Dory (1971)

“But the film is a saddening bore, for she’s lived it ten times or more.”

I’ve counted this as a new entry, though last time I had the Divine Comedy cover of it at number 337. It’s my favourite Bowie song. I still enjoy the Divine Comedy version, but it had to be the original that charted this time.



Pantomime Horse

SuedeTaken From: Suede – Suede (1993)

“Have you ever tried it that way?”

Such a wonderful song. I love the way it builds as it goes on. I’ve fallen more and more in love with it over the years. This is a brilliant early live performance of it, from the Love & Poison release:



In Love With Danielle Steel

DiwifrTaken From: Melys – Diwifr (single) (1998)

“She’s got a picture of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt pinned to the ceiling above her bed”

I love me a Melys b-side (if that hasn’t already been obvious). The lyrics of this are great – I love the whole story of it. It’s not on YouTube, though I just discovered it’s on Soundcloud, so I can embed that! I might be slightly overly excited by this discovery. Anyway, enjoy:



Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis

Eleven EPTaken From: Mansun – Six (single) aka Eleven EP (1999)

“Now that I am not content to be a weak impression of what used to be”

My favourite Mansun b-side. And no, it’s not just because my nickname at school was Elvis. In fact the title’s probably quite misleading – it suggests it might be quite an upbeat and silly kinda song, but it’s actually quite emotional and beautiful. Last time I described it in the following oh so eloquent way:

I can’t really explain why it is I like this song so much, but I really do. For some reason I especially like the mental image of a wheelchair sinking into the sand. I’m probably just a bit odd, but there ya go.



Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away

BloodsportsTaken From: Suede – Bloodsports (2013)

“Let me take you through each stage of the male mistake and we’ll adopt our natural roles”

My favourite song on Bloodsports. I loved it straight away – it was definitely the standout track on the album as far as I was concerned. Musically and emotionally I just love it so much. I also had a weird experience with it a couple of months ago. I had a problem with one of my ears being blocked, so had been avoiding listening to music on my headphones on the walk to and from work, but on this particular day decided to give it a go anyway. It ended up being a bad plan as my ear was ringing for ages afterwards, but that’s besides the point. Although I could generally only hear part of the music through my right ear, there was a moment whilst listening to this song, when the chorus kicked in, and it seemed like I could hear properly again. I don’t know whether it was just my brain filling in the gaps, but I briefly thought that Suede had the power to cure hearing problems. It was a really euphoric moment, even if it was just in my head.



Somebody To Love

A Day At The RacesTaken From: Queen – A Day At The Races (1976)

“I take home my hard-earned pay all on my own

It’s just great, isn’t it? Last time I said how it must have been one of the first Queen songs I fell in love with, so I’m pleased it’s still charting so well (better than last time, in fact).



Jill Sobule

Underdog VictoriousTaken From: Jill Sobule – Underdog Victorious (2004)

“Then you’ll grow and then you’ll know that you’re better off alone”

My favourite Jill song. A rare song about a breakup from the perspective of the person who ended it and is therefore seen as the ‘asshole’. So good.



Don’t Need The Sunshine

International VelvetTaken From: Catatonia – International Velvet (1998)

“I don’t mind your lies, so keep on talking”

I don’t see how anyone could dislike this song, it’s like a beautiful spring day, or a comforting hug. Acoustic guitar and a stream in the background. Simple but perfect.



The Tears
Brave New Century

Here Come The TearsTaken From: The Tears – Here Come The Tears (2005)

“We sit and choke on magazines and worship shit celebrities”

My favourite song by The Tears; as it was when I previously did the chart. So good. Definitely an underrated album.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

59. Catatonia – Road Rage (Potentially a shocking omission? It’s great but not one of my favourite Catatonia songs. It only really charted last time because I tried to include some kind of ridiculous objective element to it)

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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