Top 777 Songs: 710 – 701

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The Avalanches
Frontier Psychiatrist

Since I Left YouTaken From: The Avalanches – Since I Left You (2000)

“Some birds are funny when they talk”

I rarely listen to this these days, but it’s so good it has to stay in the chart. The video used to be on the music channels quite often when it was released and I just thought it was one of the strangest and most interesting tracks I’d ever heard. I’ve never listened to the full album a huge amount, but I really love this song. The video’s great too.



Julie Delpy
A Waltz For A Night

Julie DelpyTaken From: Julie Delpy – Julie Delpy (2003)

“I know what you meant for me that day”

This song’s featured in the film Before Sunset, which is one of my favourite films (along with Before Sunrise and Before Midnight!). I’m not sure if I’d love it quite so much if it didn’t have that association, but that’s kind of irrelevant really as it does have that association. I can’t listen to it and not picture that scene of the film. I also really like Julie Delpy in general – she’s ace. I suppose this video (or just the song in general!) could be considered spoilery if you haven’t seen the film. And you should totally watch the films if you haven’t.



Sheryl Crow
On The Outside

Songs In The Key Of XTaken From: Various Artists – Songs In The Key Of X (1996)

“I cannot feel a single thing”

As you can possibly tell, this song was taken from an X-Files inspired collection of songs. Some of the songs on the album are actually featured on the show, whereas others, like this one, are just inspired by it. It was instantly a favourite of mine on the compilation and it’s remained my favourite Sheryl Crow song. It’s just really haunting and emotive. Here’s a great live version of it:



Steal My Sunshine

LenTaken From: Len – You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush (1999)

“So I missed a million miles of fun”

Probably best known for being on the soundtrack to the film Go. I wasn’t initially fussed on this song when it started getting radio play, but it then really grew on me. There was then also a stage when I’d heard it too much and got sick of it, but I’ve redeveloped a love for it as the years have gone on. It’s one of those songs that you hear and just feel happier.



Toni Basil

Word Of MouthTaken From: Toni Basil – Word Of Mouth (1982)

“There’s got to be a fine fine line between living and dying”

I’m just going to re-post what I said about it last time:

Yes Toni Basil is the one who sang Mickey. It’s a shame that’s the only song she’s really known for as she had some great ones! Including this one of course. Toni Basil always reminds me of being young and also makes me think of my Mum. In fact, both my Mum and my Dad were fans of hers, but I relate her more to my Mum for some reason. I think it’s the fact she was a dancer as well, as my Mum had her own dancing school. But yeah, my Mum and Dad had videos of Toni Basil’s TV show, taped from TV (oddly enough), and I used to watch them quite a lot! There were songs, dancing and also random type things that usually still involved singing or dancing of some kind.

Always loved this video for it too:



Better Ways To Self Destruct

You & MeTaken From: Easyworld – You & Me (single) (2002)

“You and me we ain’t nothing but worm food, baby”

Easyworld are a band I became familiar with via friends of mine on the CatBoard (Catatonia Message Board). That acts as a good preface to what I said about this song last time I did this chart:

Fab song. Whenever I hear it it reminds me of one summer when Big Brother was on and Queenie wrote her own Big Brother on the CatBoard. I think the housemates consisted of all the members of Catatonia, Ash and Easyworld. What sticks in my mind for some reason is when they were working on a song-writing task and one of the Easy people came up with a lyric from Better Ways To Self Destruct. Random memory? Oh yes.

That is still very much true!! Props to Sophie (aka Queenie aka easyqueenie) for how well that image stuck in my mind.




The Divine Comedy
The Certainty Of Chance

Fin De SiecleTaken From: The Divine Comedy – Fin De Siècle (1998)

“A school boy yawns, sits back and hits ‘return’. While round the world computers crash and burn.”

I tend to forget just how epic this song is. I probably shouldn’t, as Fin De Siècle is a pretty epic album. As I mentioned last time I did this chart, I love the chaos theory element to the lyrics. Apologies for not writing more about it but I seem to have drunk more gin than I was planning to and my mind’s a little hazy now…



Cerys Matthews

Never Said GoodbyeTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Never Said Goodbye (2006)

“I turn my shadow back around”

Never Said Goodbye is my favourite Cerys solo album. It’s one of those rare albums where I listened to it for the first time and just fell in love with it. It’s much nearer to the Catatonia style than Cockahoop was, though still has its own unique feel. This is quite a tour-de-force song really – even if it’s my least favourite of my favourite songs on the album. Here’s a great live version of it from the Cambridge Folk Festival (I loved how she played one of her least folky sets at a folk festival!):



Picnic By The Motorway

Coming UpTaken From: Suede – Coming Up (1996)

“I’ll buy us a bottle and we’ll drink in the petrol fumes”

A Suede song that’s gradually snuck up to become one of my favourites. Not so much of an instant song, which makes it a bit of a rarity on Coming Up!




ElasticaTaken From: Elastica – Elastica (1995)

“Another heart has made the grade”

I’m holding Trigger Happy TV entirely responsible for this song getting stuck in my head and becoming an integral part of my music collection. In a good way, of course. I’m also going to avoid trying to make some kind of pun on how there’s a ‘connection’ between Elastica and Suede. For which I’m sure you’re thankful.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

710. Mull Historical Society – This Is Not Who We Were

708. Aimee Mann – You Do

707. Catatonia – Valerian

706. Big Leaves – Hodges Blues

705. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Miss Trudy

704. Tom McRae – Karaoke Soul (though it was shortlisted)

702. The Veils – The Wild Son

701. The Electric Soft Parade – Why Do You Try So Hard To Hate?

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Top 777 Songs: 720 – 711

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Manic Street Preachers
Kevin Carter

Everything Must GoTaken From: Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (1996)

“Wasted your life in black and white”

I’m quite a casual Manics fan; which will probably become quite evident from my choice of favourite songs of theirs. I’ve got quite a few proper hardcore Manics fan friends who I’m expecting to totally despair (he he, choice of Manics-related word intentional) at my choices. Not this one, specifically (I don’t think), but definitely some others. Plus more likely the ones I haven’t included, to be honest. Anyway, I apologise to them now, in advance. The first Manics album I owned was this one. I think it was just from having heard A Design For Life on the radio an’ that. For years it was the only Manics album I owned and so it’s still my favourite. Which makes it a bit weird that I’ve not been to any of the gigs where they’ve played it live, but did go and see them do The Holy Bible! Anyway, as I mentioned the last time I did this chart, this song was an instant favourite on this album.



Cerys Matthews
Arglwydd Dyma Fi

CockahoopTaken From: Cerys Matthews – Cockahoop (2003)

As I said about this song last time (just after I’d been to see Cerys in Bethesda):

Beautiful song. One of my favourites on Cockahoop. Like I mentioned in my epic post last night, it’s especially brilliant live in North Wales as everyone sings along 😀

I don’t listen to it anywhere near as much as I used to, but my favourite memories of it are definitely when people have sung along to it live. Not always in North Wales, granted – I remember Brecon being pretty tuneful. I’m sure the Sesiwn Fawr performance of it, where you can see me and my friend Rea singing along in the front row, was on YouTube at some point, though sadly doesn’t seem to be any more. Although I have just discovered someone’s uploaded a brief clip of it from the Bethesda Rugby Club gig!! The people don’t sound quite as tuneful as I’d remembered… Although you can get a sense of the good atmosphere there was. Listen to the Mixcloud mix to hear it properly though!!



Fight Like Apes
Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings

The Body Of Christ...Taken From: Fight Like Apes – The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner (2010)

“I don’t care if what you say is needless”

Another band where I have no memory of how I got into them. I know it was round about 2008 though and a similar time to when I discovered Sky Larkin… I feel like they were both maybe on some kind of compilation I bought / got hold of / was given / downloaded at that time. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is they’ve got some great songs. This is my favourite from their second album. However, their positions in this chart are potentially a little lower than they might have been if I’d not been disappointed by them in the last couple of years. I’m a big fan of the whole crowdfunding thing and think it’s great how you can so directly help out the bands/artists/writers/whoever you’re a fan of, plus often get some cool and unique things in return. I’ve no idea how many projects I’ve helped fund in total, though it must be a decent number at this point. I suppose, therefore, I maybe shouldn’t be surprised that I finally had one that let me down and where I didn’t get the items promised. That was the funding for Fight Like Apes’ 3rd album. I paid for a signed copy of the album, plus a t-shirt. That was in May 2013. I was totally fine that it took a while to make the album and then to get around to sorting out the pledges – that’s to be expected. Communication was good and they put out a request for addresses and stuff in May 2015. But then nothing. I e-mailed in July to check I hadn’t missed the parcel, but no response. I e-mailed again in November, but again no response. I e-mailed one last time in January this year – saying that I was basically giving up hope on ever getting a response or the items I’d paid for – to which I was entirely correct. If they just didn’t budget properly and couldn’t fulfill what they’d promised for some reason, then I could understand that. Just explain and apologise. But to just stop responding and seemingly deliberately alienate your most supportive fans really bothered me. Especially as there’d still be posts by them on social media promoting the album! The album we’d helped fund but not been sent. Anyway, I felt the need to include that rant, as I’ll never like them quite as much as I used to now, but I do still really like this song!!



Laughter Lines

Dolphin BlueTaken From: Ooberman – Dolphin Blue (single) (2000)

“Maybe I was safer never trying. You’d be too much to lose.”

The first Ooberman song in my chart! Yes, that does mean there are others to come. Considering they’re one of my favourite bands, I don’t consider this too much of a spoiler. This was all I said about it last time:

Such a beautiful song. I love the fact that all my favourite bands have/had such brilliant b-sides.

Brief but accurate. It’s a song about reflecting back on someone you could potentially have gotten together with (but didn’t) and wondering what might have happened if you had. I feel like I overuse ‘beautiful’ to describe a lot of the songs I like, but this really is. Unsurprisingly it’s not on YouTube or similar though, but it’s well worth listening to the Mixcloud mix for.



Kid Carpet
Brake Beatles

Taken From: MySpace (2006)

Do you remember me mentioning how Brakes were technically featured in one of the songs that was still to come? This is that song! It’s basically a mash-up of Brakes’ All Night Disco Party and Get Back by The Beatles. And I just love it!! Neither of those songs feature in this chart individually, but they just work so well together! As mentioned, I got this song from MySpace, which is also how I came across Kid Carpet in general. Again I can’t find it anywhere online to link to, but you can hear it via the Mixcloud widget.



The Magic Theatre

London TownTaken From: The Magic Theatre – London Town (2010)

“The side streets reek of wild opportunity”

Hot on the heels of my first charting Ooberman track is the first track by The Magic Theatre. If that seems like an odd thing to mention, you mightn’t be familiar with The Magic Theatre and realise they’re made up of Dan and Sophia from Ooberman! This is the opening track on their debut album and was an instant favourite. I don’t actually listen to it quite so much these days, though when I was putting the Mixcloud mix together I was reminded of just how good it is and felt bad I’d not ranked it higher! Maybe if I do this again in another 10 years’ time, it’ll climb back up a bit 😉



The Hussy’s
Napoleon Dynamite

We ExpectedTaken From: The Hussy’s – We Expected (2007)

“I get bullied by the kinds of people who get bullied elsewhere”

I can’t really tell you much about The Hussy’s, plus again have no memory of how I came across their music. Potentially through MySpace?! Google tells me they are/were a ‘5 piece indie pop band from Glasgow’, formed by the former frontman of The Supernaturals and the bassist of The Starlets. So there you go. They kind of epitomise the whole indie-pop thing really. Which I mean as a big compliment! I love me some indie-pop. This song’s obviously about Napoleon Dynamite and is just so much fun and mega catchy. Enjoy this live TV performance of it:



The Fiery Furnaces
Smelling Cigarettes

Crystal ClearTaken From: The Fiery Furnaces – Crystal Clear (single) (2003)

“‘Is this your cat?’ ‘Yeah, but sometimes it forgets'”

As I mentioned previously, I don’t really listen to The Fiery Furnaces so much these days, hence this song having fallen quite a bit in the chart. Here’s what I said about it last time:

I’d heard good things about The Fiery Furnaces but hadn’t heard anything by them. So when I went to a record fair at the NEC and found a promo single of Crystal Clear for a bargainous price, I had to buy it. Even though it was a promo it still had the 3 tracks on, which was good as it gave me a better flavour of the band than just the one song would have done. Infact I wasn’t really that fussed about Crystal Clear to start with, though it did grow on me. The song I was really taken with though was this one. I loved all the changes in style and the strange quirkyness of it. Brilliant.

As well as being a b-side to Crystal Clear, it was later released on the EP titled ‘EP’. It’s a great selection of songs on that EP, so if you don’t fancy getting a whole album of theirs (for some reason), I definitely recommend the EP. This video’s got both of the Crystal Clear b-sides on it – Smelling Cigarettes and Cousin Chris – which are also both on ‘EP’.



Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Somewhat Off The Way

Please Describe YourselfTaken From: Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Please Describe Yourself (2004)

“I’m not lost; I’m somewhat off the way”

A good example of how my tastes have shifted slightly over the years. There were a few tracks from this album in my 2005 chart, though they didn’t include this one. It’s become a favourite more gradually. Similarly there are DDIHC tracks that I loved back then, which have now fallen out of the chart, as I no longer consider them favourites. This song’s a wonderful reflection on the path your life has taken and how it differs to what you imagined when you were younger. It’s quite a positive song though – it’s about realising you’ve gone a little off tangent but not giving up on achieving your goals. The song ends a little abruptly on the Mixcloud mix as it runs straight into the next song on the album.



Big Leaves
Paladino’s Pills (Hand Of God)

Alien & FamiliarTaken From: Big Leaves – Alien & Familiar (2003)

“He popped as much as he was able”

Initially released as a double A side with Electro-Magnetic Pollution (on the Boobytrap label. I wonder if that’s the one I got the free Mclusky single with…) and then also included on Big Leaves’ 2nd (and last) album. Their only English-language album. I was so impressed by the songs they were releasing around that time, it made it even more sad when they then split up! Granted, this specific song has slipped down my favourites quite a bit, but is still ace. I can’t find it online though, so it’s another good reason to stick on my Mixcloud mix!

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

720. Tompaulin – My Life At The Movies

719. Queen – Friends Will Be Friends

718. Ooberman – Here Come The Ice Wolves

717. The Bluetones – 4-day Weekend

716. Murry The Hump – Thrown Like A Stone

715. Dishwalla – Angels Or Devils (I already mentioned that this was during my Smallville obsession period, right?)

714. The Wannadies – Princess Spoon

713. Soul Coughing – Unmarked Helicopters

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 730 – 721

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Ida Maria
Oh My God

Fortress Round My HeartTaken From: Ida Maria – Fortress Round My Heart (2008)

“You think I’m in control?”

I can’t actually think of much to say about this song. I don’t really remember how I first heard Ida Maria and I don’t have any particular memories associated with this song. I just like it!



Low Millions
Money Thing

Ex GirlfriendsTaken From: Low Millions – Ex-Girlfriends (2004)

“I found a cheap date but she wasn’t so cheap”

I don’t remember how I discovered this song either. So far this isn’t shaping up to be the most interesting of blog posts! I feel like it might have been via LiveJournal in some way, but I’m really not sure. It’s a song that grew on me and gradually got into my head. There’s just something about the style of it that I like. Plus I really like the bit where there’s a pause and then the vocalist just says ‘shit’. I like the lyrics in general actually – it’s all about having no money, which is something most people can relate to. Sadly I can’t find a video for it though.



Alanis Morissette
All I Really Want

Jagged Little PillTaken From: Alanis Morissette – Jagged Little Pill (1995)

“You must wonder why I’m relentless and all strung out”

A nice consistent placing for this song it seems. I surely don’t need to go into any explanation as to who Alanis Morissette is. If you’re of a certain age (about my age, basically), there’s a fairly high likelihood you have this album. It’s just one of those albums. After a good few years of listening to Queen and not much else, Alanis was one of a very small number of current artists who I heard on the radio and actually liked. I don’t actually listen to her so much these days, but this is one of the songs I still consider a favourite and wanted to remain in the chart. It’s the opening track of the album and does a great job at setting the standard of songs to come.




Fixation With Long JourneysTaken From: Derrero – Fixation With Long Journeys (2000)

“I’ll shut down pretty soon”

The first song in the chart to have actually climbed up! Yay. It’s just a really beautiful song. I mentioned in my 2005 chart that it always reminds me of Aled Richards (Catatonia drummer) as he was a big fan of Derrero. This is still true. They’re actually getting back together and will be playing at Swn Festival in Cardiff in October (Derrero, not Catatonia!), so I’m really looking forward to that. Not actually seen this video for the song before – it’s great!



Uwchben Y Drefn

Uwchben Y DrefnTaken From: Sibrydion – Uwchben Y Drefn (2011)

The title track from Sibrydion’s most recent album. I just typed the title into Google Translate and it came up with ‘the above procedure’. This didn’t sound entirely right, so thankfully a quick Google search and the location of the JigCal website has informed me that it loosely translates as ‘above the law’. It’s got a great energy to it and a catchy riff and it quickly became a favourite on that album.



Johnny Cash
Ring Of Fire

Ring Of FireTaken From: Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash (1963)

“I fell in to a burning ring of fire”

Ignoring all the obvious jokes you can make with this song, it’s just a classic! Practically guaranteed to get people singing along. I initially questioned whether I really considered it a favourite, but then I put it on and it just made me happy, so it had to be included.



Golden Silvers

True RomanceTaken From: Golden Silvers – True Romance (2009)

“It don’t feel very funny to me but I think it might be some sort of joke”

Another band where I can’t actually remember how I discovered them. This was one of my favourite albums of 2009 though (charting at number 10 in my end of year chart). It’s a really varied and interesting album – not necessarily the most instant of albums, though I did personally take to it really quickly (which is rare, to be honest).



Future Of The Left

CursesTaken From: Future Of The Left – Curses! (2007)

“All he ever wanted was a detonator”

A bit of a left field entry, to be honest (pun intended). Future Of The Left were formed from previous members of Mclusky and Jarcrew. Mclusky were a band I was familiar with, but weren’t really my kinda thing musically. I do actually have one of their singles, though only because I got it free with a different single I bought from the Boobytrap label. Anyway, my ex liked Future Of The Left and would play this song quite a bit. He also put it on a mix CD he gave me quite early on in our relationship, which he called ‘The Marmite Sessions’ as it was all songs he thought I might potentially not like. An odd notion for a mix CD, I grant you, though it made it interesting. I think there were some songs on it that I wasn’t that keen on, but mostly I did quite like it as a compilation. This song in particular has obviously become a favourite. It’s just really good fun and catchy and quirky.



The Bluetones
Freeze Dried Pop (Dumb It Up)

The SinglesTaken From: The Bluetones – The Singles (compilation) (2002)

“You bring me fine champagne, I want lemonade”

I first heard this song live, prior to The Singles being released. Thanks to my trusty gig list, I can tell you that it was at a gig at Leeds Met on 11th March 2002, where they were supported by Easyworld! That was a great gig. I took an instant liking to this song – it’s incredibly catchy, plus I love the lyrics too. As you can see, it’s not quite as much of a favourite as it used to be, though I can’t really explain why. Maybe I just listened to it a bit too much at one point. Sadly it’s also not one they’ve often played live – aside from that first time I heard it, I don’t think I actually heard them play it live again. Bit of a shame really. Still, who knows what the future might bring! *Chantal goes to look for a video on YouTube* Ok, the only video I found is a live version recorded at V2002. Which I was at!! So, er, maybe I saw them do it twice then! Unless that video was recorded in Chelmsford and they played a different set in Staffordshire. 😛



The Flaming Lips
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1

Yoshimi...Taken From: The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002)

“You won’t let those robots defeat me”

The Flaming Lips are a band that I’m only quite a casual fan of, but they have a few songs I really love. This is obviously one of them. I didn’t previously have any particular memories associated with it, but I then went to see David Duchovny perform a gig (as in a music gig) at Union Chapel last month and he performed a cover of it. For some reason it seemed like quite a surprising choice (mostly because I wasn’t familiar with his music taste I guess) but he spoke about how he likes the feminist element to it as it’s about a woman fighting off the evil robots and protecting the man. I’ll now always associate this song with that evening. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

729. Suede – Sam

728. Don Mclean – Vincent

727. The Polyphonic Spree – Hold Me Now

724. Freddie Mercury – The Great Pretender

723. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Young Girls And Happy Endings

721. The Beta Band – Squares

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 740 – 731

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



The Fiery Furnaces
Tropical Ice-Land

Tropical Ice-LandTaken From: The Fiery Furnaces – Tropical Ice-Land (single) (2004)

“I’ve seen enough stray ponies and puffins to get me through ’til the end of May”

It’s specifically the single version that’s my favourite, though I do also enjoy the slower album version on Gallowsbird’s Bark. Usually my favourite version of a song will be the first one I heard, but this one’s an exception as I heard the album version first, which I enjoyed, but the single version took the song to another level. As I mentioned previously, I don’t listen to The Fiery Furnaces as much as I used to, hence it having dropped down quite a bit from its previous chart position. It is a really great song though – fun and quirky. It’s one that I’d often put on mix CDs back in the mid 2000s, as I don’t really see how you could listen to it and not enjoy it.



The Mountain Goats
Sax Rohmer #1

Heretic PrideTaken From: The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride (2008)

“Every moment points to more of the aftermath”

The Mountain Goats are a band I really like as an overall band – if any of their songs come on I’ll really enjoy them – but there aren’t many specific songs of theirs that I’d class as favourites. I have a similar thing with The Decemberists, though to a slightly lesser extent. I think I discovered both bands around a similar time as well. Anyway, this is one of the few songs of theirs that I do consider a favourite. There’s just something about it that made it stand out to me. It was chosen to be a single, so I guess it stood out for others too!



The Hot Toddies

Smell The MittenTaken From: The Hot Toddies – Smell The Mitten (2007)

“When I saw your…W…W…W”

Another band that I discovered through my ex. Although with the other ones I’ve mentioned so far, I’m not sure I’d have developed the liking that I have for them if I hadn’t had them played to me as much as I did. I still see them as ‘Jamie bands’ who I happen to also like, rather than them really being ‘Chantal bands’. However, with The Hot Toddies, I feel like I’d have developed the same liking of them if I’d discovered them in some other way – it’s just that it happened to be Jamie who brought them to my attention. There’s one specific song of theirs which he’d play a lot and which is still to come on this chart, but this song’s one that I developed my own particular love for. I mean, it’s called HTML! It’s got a geeky IT element to it, plus some innuendo! That’s practically me in a song!! Ha ha ha. I particularly like that it mentions Ask Jeeves!!



Seaside Rendezvous

A Night At The OperaTaken From: Queen – A Night At The Opera (1975)

“What a damn jolly good idea!”

This was the first Queen album I owned. It’s probably their most famous and the one that most people are likely to have if they have a Queen album. I mean, it’s the one with Bohemian Rhapsody on! I totally loved it – it’s incredibly varied, which is something that always appeals to me. I remember hearing The Prophet’s Song for the first time and just being like ‘what on earth is this?!’ But in a good way! Anyway, Seaside Rendezvous is a very camp and very fun little ditty. I remember making up a dance to it at some point in the mid ’90s! It just lends itself to that perfectly. It also includes the word ‘jollification’, which has always endeared it to me. When doing this chart I did wonder if it was really still a favourite, as it’s not a song I’ll often listen to now, but it’s just so damn fun, it seems wrong to not include it.




Taken From: Kaylan – No Eye Dear (2005) or Subaphotic – Compilicated (compilation) (2007)

“I like how we make a lifetime in just a moment or so”

I’ve classed this song as being by Subaphotic, as that’s how I think of it, though it was originally released under the Kaylan band name. I should probably explain… Both of those band names are ones that my Dad used at different times. Others included his actual name (Kevin Patton), Sinaptic Gap, Kev, Subnormmal… Quite likely others too. Ooh, Parallel was another one. Anyway, he wrote and recorded music from a young age and was incredibly talented. His music’s always deserved a wider audience, though I also feel a particular responsibility to help it live on now since he passed away. I’ve been contemplating setting up a Bandcamp page or similar, to archive all of the music of his that I have, to make it available to people for free, though worry slightly about any potential legal/copyright type issues there. Not that I’d look to make money from it, plus I know it’s something he’d have wanted, but in lieu of a will I’m not sure that I’d actually own the copyright – I think it will have gone to his widow. Not that I’d imagine she’d have an issue with it. Plus in the case of Subaphotic, I was technically a member of the band, so that surely give me some degree of ownership? Even if I didn’t actually write any of the music?! Hmm… I’ve possibly gone a little off-topic here. Anyway, this song was originally on a Kaylan album, but was then reappropriated as a Subaphotic one and included on the Compilicated compilation (not an easy thing to say). We also started working on a live version of it, which I think is partly why it’s a favourite of mine. I like the funky kinda style to it. There’s no video for it, but you can listen to it on ReverbNation here it seems (which I’m assuming from the Cardiff location, plus the choice of songs on there, was set up by me at some point, though I have no memory of doing it). Or hear it via the Mixcloud widget, of course.




Les Morrison with Cerys Matthews
Just A Girl

Taken From: MySpace circa 2006 (I think)

“Falling in love without a touch, without a kiss”

Les Morrison was a songwriter/musician/producer/sound engineer… etc. etc. from Bethesda in North Wales. Sadly I have to use the past tense as he passed away in 2011. This is a song of his, sung by Cerys Matthews, which he posted on his MySpace, back when people used MySpace. It’s a really beautiful song and became an instant favourite of mine. I did also meet Les, very briefly, prior to this, at a Cerys gig at Bethesda Rugby Club towards the end of 2005. He played banjo with most of the bands that evening and was introduced to me and my friends by a guy called Caleb (I only remember this because I blogged about it at the time). I remember Caleb telling me off for giggling all the time (as it’s too much of a nervous thing, apparently), then disappearing backstage and reappearing with signed Cerys posters for me and my friends (even though Cerys wasn’t there at the time). We did later also get to chat to Cerys and get stuff signed personally and have photos taken an’ that. Gruff Rhys was there too, though I wimped out of talking to him. All in all it was a great weekend, if not a little surreal at times. This song always reminds me of it, even though I only heard it later on. It sadly doesn’t seem to be on MySpace any more, so I’m quite likely amongst a very small number of people who actually have it. That makes me extra pleased to get to share it with people here.




Simon Love
Dear Boy

It Seemed Like A Good Idea...Taken From: Simon Love – It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (2015)

“Even when you fall in love, dear boy, it won’t be half as good as this”

Simon Love’s album was my favourite album of last year. This is a cover of a Paul McCartney song. I have to confess to not being familiar with the original, hence this easily being my favourite version of it, but he’s not a bad songwriter really is he? 😉



Hel Clex

Jig CalTaken From: Sibrydion – Jig Cal (2005)

One of my favourites from Sibrydion’s debut album. I have to confess that it partly became a favourite because it was released during my Smallville obsession period, where ‘clex’ had an, er, rather particular meaning. Not that I have any notion of what it actually means in the context of this song – I remember getting a Welsh speaker to translate it for me and being somewhat none the wiser, as ‘clex’ itself is not a Welsh word (given away by it having an ‘X’ in it). From the other lyrics in it, I didn’t get the impression that it was really about a homoerotic relationship between Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, though I still kinda like to pretend it is. Either way it’s an enjoyable song!!



Race Horses
My Year Abroad

FurnitureTaken From: Race Horses – Furniture (2012)

“Hell is a hand that takes you there”

Is this the first Race Horses track in the chart? I think it is. It’s one that’s only become a favourite fairly recently, even though it’s clearly brilliant. Both of the Race Horses albums are ace and well worth checking out. As is Meilyr Jones’ debut solo album (as Race Horses are sadly no more). I also feel like I need to mention how Race Horses were originally called Radio Luxembourg, even though it’s quite likely that anyone familiar with Race Horses are likely to know that already. For those unfamiliar, I’ve always seen them as being in a similar kind of musical category as Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. The fact that Euros Childs produced some of their songs might have a little something to do with this! Not that this song really sounds that Gorky’s-like…



Little Birdy
Now The Rain Is Falling…

This Is A Love SongTaken From: Little Birdy – This Is A Love Song EP (2004)

“You’d be a fool to not know that you’d been missed”

This is one of the earliest Little Birdy songs I downloaded. Though seemingly not early enough for it to have made it in to my chart last time. I don’t really have much to say about it, other than pointing out the obvious in that it’s a beautiful song.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

740. Republica – Ready To Go

738. Jill Sobule – Loveless Motel (though it was shortlisted)

737. Elton John – Your Song

736. Catatonia – Cut You Inside

735. Suede – Electricity

734. Jill Sobule – Thank Misery

733. The Tears – Two Creatures

732. Adam And The Ants – Prince Charming

731. Kaylan – TVs On TV

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 750 – 741

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
Especially For You

Especially For YouTaken From: Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan – Especially For You (single) (1988)

“If dreams were wings, you know I would have flown to you”

A new entry but definitely not a new song! I know it doesn’t exactly sit in obviously with my general indie-type tastes, but it’s a song I loved in my childhood and it still evokes that sense of innocent joy and idealised romance. I was a big Neighbours fan and a big fan of Kylie and Jason in general. They were a large part of my childhood and this song’s the perfect encapsulation of it all. It’s not a song I’ll ever specifically fancy listening to or choose to put on, but if it does happen to come on somewhere, I just need to hear those introductory ‘ooh’s and it’s like I’m 8 again. I really like the promo video to it (and remember watching it endlessly), but I’ve also got incredibly fond memories of the TOTP performance (it’s the first TOTP performance that stuck in my head), so that’s the video I’ve embedded below. My friends and my sister and I would often try to recreate the ‘Kylie carry’ (as we called it), where she jumps into Jason’s arms during the bridge. It still makes me quite emotional.



The Hidden Cameras
Steal All You Can Motherfucker

I Believe In The Good Of LifeTaken From: The Hidden Cameras – I Believe In The Good Of Life (single) (2004)

“We don’t need facts, we wish to kill big business dead”

I love that I’ve managed to follow on from the 80s poptasticness of Kylie and Jason with a song called Steal All You Can Motherfucker! Though musically it’s not as heavy or harsh as the title might suggest – it’s cheery and jangly. There’s a version of it on The Hidden Cameras’ ‘Ecce Homo’ album, though the version I like best is the b-side to I Believe In The Good Of Life. Probably because that’s the version I first heard. It’s charted in pretty much the same position as it did last time, so my love for it hasn’t waned! I think there’s just something inherently enjoyable about someone singing in a sweary manner over the top of a glockenspiel. I can only find the slower Ecce Homo version on YouTube (albeit not great audio quality), but you can hear the b-side version on the Mixcloud widget.



Euros Childs
Bore Da

Bore DaTaken From: Euros Childs – Bore Da (2007)

I often think of this as quite a short song as forget about the slower bit at the end. I like that though – you remember the short and catchy bit, then get pleasantly surprised by the bonus ending. For any non Welsh speakers, ‘bore da’ means ‘good morning’. If you want to be able to sing along to a Welsh-language song, the chorus of this is a nice easy place to start. And incredibly catchy. But no I haven’t included a lyric from it, as aside from random words, the title’s the only bit I can really clearly and accurately pick out with my current level of Welsh. Mae’n ddrwg gyda fi (I’m sorry)!



Julee Cruise
Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart

Floating Into The NightTaken From: Julee Cruise – Floating Into The Night (1989)

“We heard the owl in a nearby tree”

Twin Peaks fans will recognise this song, of course. Being a big Twin Peaks fan myself, that’s how I know of Julee and her music and why I love it. Her voice is beautiful and ethereal and the music’s so atmospheric and evocative of Twin Peaks. The three songs of hers that were always my favourites were the ones on the Twin Peaks soundtrack album. My Step-Dad used to have it on CD and I’d often listen to it. In later years I bought it myself on Ebay, though wasn’t paying enough attention and bought the cassette version instead of the CD! In more recent years I’ve downloaded this album and gotten to enjoy more of Julee’s songs. This one’s quite a catchy one really (have you gathered I like a catchy tune?) and always makes me picture Donna and James in the Roadhouse (like in the video below – though generally more in sync and without the Spanish subtitles). Though I should probably say that the video’s quite spoilery if you haven’t watched Twin Peaks and are planning to!



Bat For Lashes

Two SunsTaken From: Bat For Lashes – Two Suns (2009)

“Just kids in the eye of the storm”

Talking of ethereal artists! I feel like this song follows on quite nicely from the Julee Cruise one. It was the first single taken from her second album and is still my favourite on that album. I don’t really have anything else to say about it – it’s just a great song.



Jill Sobule

Pink PearlTaken From: Jill Sobule – Pink Pearl (2000)

“She told me back in ’44 she slept with Eleanor. Sometimes she gets confused. For all we know it’s true.”

There seemingly can’t be one of these posts without a Jill song at the minute! Not that that’s a bad thing. This song addresses aging and how you don’t know what kind of adventures and extraordinary lives an elderly person might have had. Just because someone might now be struggling with their memory and living a fairly mundane life, doesn’t mean they aren’t a secret treasure trove of experiences. There’s a live version in the below video, with a fun additional improvised song tacked on the end as a bonus.



Rock ‘n’ Roll Loser

KleptomaniaTaken From: Mansun – Kleptomania (2004)

“He’s only filling the holes that echo through his existence”

This was one of my instant favourites when Kleptomania was released. It’s not on the CD of unreleased sessions for the album – it’s on the rarities and demos CD. As you can see, it’s dropped down my favourites list a little – it’s rare I actually listen to it these days – though I do still really enjoy it when I do. I guess it’s not really got the depth and intricacies that a lot of other Mansun tracks have – it’s more of a fun, instantly enjoyable kind of a song- but there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!



Little Birdy

ConfettiTaken From: Little Birdy – Confetti (2009)

“My heart isn’t confetti”

I’ve got a lot to thank fellow Catatonia fans for (potentially enough to fill a book! Seriously. I could write that. Don’t tempt me!). I’m thinking it was quite possibly an Australian fan that alerted me to the existence of Little Birdy (as they were an Australian band). I know it was definitely someone who used to post on the Catatonia e-mail digest. If you’ve never heard of Little Birdy but like Catatonia, I’m going to extend the same recommendation to you. Check them out. This isn’t a bad song to start with (though there are also others to come). Confetti was the last album they released before taking a break and this is obviously the title track from it. I found it to be a real standout track with a definite wow factor to it. Katy’s got an amazing voice. I’m now wondering what happened to her planned solo album… Anyway, you can actually check out the entire album below (as I couldn’t find Confetti on its own). If you do just want to hear Confetti though, skip to 35:08.



Bree Sharp
The Cheap And Evil Girl

A Cheap And Evil GirlTaken From: Bree Sharp – A Cheap And Evil Girl (1999)

“You fantasize about the ample milky thighs you’d like to sample”

Anyone familiar with Bree Sharp (particularly within the UK) is quite likely to be familiar with her for the same reason I am: she wrote and released a song about David Duchovny. Others mightn’t have gone on to check out more of her music, but that is definitely their loss (and one they should rectify!). This is a different song from her debut album and it’s one that’s always been a favourite of mine. I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, hence it having dropped down the chart quite a bit, but I’d say it’s definitely one of the best songs on the album.



Truth Hurts

Truth HurtsTaken From: Thirteen:13 – Truth Hurts (single) (2001)

“Does truth hurt? ‘Cause these lies are killing me”

Another song that’s dropped down the rankings a bit, but is still a great song (obviously! Or it wouldn’t have made it in at all). Thirteen:13 were a band that included Wayne Murray and Ben Etchells, who had previously been in the band Catch. I realise most people won’t even remember Catch, so this possibly doesn’t mean much… Anyway, I totally loved Catch (despite them only ever releasing 2 singles and then splitting up), so was naturally interested in Thirteen:13. They were a more kind of ‘serious’ band, I guess (for want of a better description). Not that their music was overly serious, but they didn’t have the same kind of poppy indie-boyband type feel that Catch had. Which wasn’t a bad thing. Though I did love Catch. Anyway… I did actually see them live once too – they supported Ooberman. Although that was before I’d heard any of their music or realised who they were, so I didn’t actually appreciate it as much as I would have done if I’d seen them a bit later on in their fairly short-lived existence. Although they did record an album, it was never released (though did get leaked online at one point, for which I was very grateful). They released a few singles though, including this one. It’s quite a simple and straightforward indie song I guess, but I just really like it. There was also a version of it released by The Honeymoon, a few years later (a band consisting of Wayne Murray and Icelandic singer Thorunn Magnusdottir), which is also great, but this one remains my favourite.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

750. tobyslater – Uprising (Things Are Going To Change…)

749. Josh Rouse – Feeling No Pain

748. Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains

747. Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Naa

745. Thirteen:13 – Try

744. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Catrin (though it was shortlisted)

743. The Dandy Warhols – Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth

742. Melys – Tiny Bombs

741. Kenickie – Come Out 2nite

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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Top 777 Songs: 760 – 751

You can listen to all of these songs by clicking play on this Mixcloud widget:



The Magnetic Fields
I Wish I Had An Evil Twin

iTaken From: The Magnetic Fields – i (2004)

“I wish I had an evil twin, running round doing people in”

As I also mentioned last time I did this chart, the whole notion of evil twins always makes me think of Sunset Beach! For those who don’t remember it, it was an American soap (which are always pretty hilarious). The over-the-top acting and the ridiculous storylines just made it a joy to watch. Ben had an evil twin called Derek – played by the same actor, of course, just looking more obviously sinister and wearing a lot of black. Aw man, I now really want to watch Sunset Beach… I did wonder if this song was included on a Sunset Beach themed mix CD that my friend Russo made for me years ago (how awesome a thing is that?), so went and checked, but it isn’t. Although it did remind me just how many great songs were on it. It’s quite possibly where I first heard songs by The Loves, Jens Lekman, The French and The Hot Puppies, who all have songs in this chart. So thanks for that Russo 🙂 Anyway, I feel like I’ve talked about everything other than The Magnetic Fields. Although people always talk about ’69 Love Songs’, which is great, don’t get me wrong, I’d say that ‘i’ is definitely my favourite album of theirs. Only 2 of their songs have actually made it into this chart, on this occasion, and both are from this album.



Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

A Day At The RacesTaken From: Queen – A Day At The Races (1976)

“Just take me back to yours, that will be fine”

The first appearance by Queen in the chart. As they were my favourite band throughout most of my teenage years, plus are still one of my favourite bands, I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say that there are a few more songs of theirs in the chart. This song takes me back to when I first got into them and listened to the Greatest Hits CD incessantly. A CD I “borrowed” from my Mum. I put ‘borrowed’ in inverted commas as I still actually have that CD. It’s become a kind of long-term loan. Album-wise it’s on A Day At The Races, which is one I got fairly early on in my collection too. I never acquired the albums in any particular order – it mostly came down to which ones I happened to get for birthdays or Christmases. I wouldn’t count A Day At The Races as one of the competitors for my favourite Queen album, but I still rate it fairly highly. The same’s kind of true of this song really – I obviously consider it amongst my favourites, though it wouldn’t ever be a contender for my favourite Queen song. It’s dropped a bit since the last time I did the chart, as I rarely listen to it these days, but I didn’t feel like I could really miss it out. Here is the Top Of The Pops performance of it:



Hawksley Workman

Lover/FighterTaken From: Hawksley Workman – Lover/Fighter (European Version) (2003)

“I don’t take you to meet my mother, but I know she knows we’re together.”

This song isn’t actually on my copy of Lover/Fighter – I think I just downloaded it at some point – but Wikipedia says it was one of the bonus tracks on the European release of the album. Although there were a few Hawksley songs on my original 777 chart, it must have been fairly early on in my discovery of his music, as a lot of the tracks that are now my favourites weren’t on there. For those unfamiliar, Hawksley’s a Canadian artist who I was introduced to (musically, not personally) by a Canadian Catatonia fan called Anthony. I’ve sadly lost touch with Anthony, but I’m still very grateful for the introduction to Hawksley’s music, as he’s become one of my favourite artists. This track’s a kind of difficult one to describe. As the title might suggest, it’s basically Hawksley talking about lust, though also how it’s linked to his experience of drumming. Just listen to it, it’s great.



A Camp
Golden Teeth And Silver Medals

ColoniaTaken From: A Camp – Colonia (2009)

“We’ll sing until our need for it is gone”

My instant favourite from this album, plus my favourite A Camp song in general. I’ll sometimes forget just how much I like it, then I’ll hear it and be very quickly reminded. For those unfamiliar, A Camp is the solo project of Nina Persson from The Cardigans. Although this song’s actually a duet with Nicolai Dunger (I confess I just had to Google his name). I really like their voices together and it’s a beautiful song. Here’s a sort-of video of it (it’s just a blank screen but with the song playing!). There were a few live versions on YouTube but with other people standing in for Nicolai, which I didn’t enjoy as much, as his voice is quite distinctive.



Sheila Nicholls

WakeTaken From: Sheila Nicholls – Wake (2002)

“Left Adam standing in the Garden of Eden. He had a hard-on and was ready for breeding. She didn’t want to but he couldn’t hear, she said ‘cook your own meals and have a wank my dear!'”

This song has dropped a lot from the original chart, as I used to listen to it all the time, whereas I rarely do now. It still makes me happy when I do listen to it though. Plus not enough songs manage to include the word ‘wank’. Just saying. The song seems to have been removed from YouTube for some reason, so you’ll just have to stick on my Mixcloud mix in order to enjoy it.



Eleanor Friedberger
My Mistakes

Last SummerTaken From: Eleanor Friedberger – Last Summer (2011)

“Why keep time-travelling if it doesn’t get better on the second time around”

My favourite song from Eleanor’s first solo album. As much as I still like The Fiery Furnaces, I don’t listen to them as much as I used to (which will become evident as the chart goes on). Eleanor’s solo stuff is great though. I like Matthew’s as well, but haven’t listened to it as much as Eleanor’s. Matthew’s is a lot less instant and a bit more bonkers, though not in a bad way – I always liked that The Fiery Furnaces were a bit bonkers. I partly like this song as much as I do because it’s another that my ex played a lot, so it grew on me more and more. Not that I took a liking to all the songs he’d play a lot (*ahem* Life Without Buildings), I have to say, but as I loved The Fiery Furnaces long before I even met him, it’s not that surprising I took to Eleanor’s solo stuff too, with or without his influence. One slightly odd and incredibly niche thing that draws me to this song is how one bit of the music really reminds me of the music that would play on the cassette board game Go Fetch It, where you’d get to pretend to be a dog and go hide plastic bones around the house (we played it quite a bit when I was young). The bit of music I mean is the bit that can be heard at 0:57 on the video below. Not that this will mean much to anyone who isn’t really familiar with that board game (which I can’t imagine is a huge number of people). I did get friends of mine to play it with me on my 25th birthday, though I can’t imagine even they will remember it well enough to say ‘oh yeah, I hear the similarity!’. Ha ha. Plus the similarity might just be in my mind anyway.



Jill Sobule
Sweet ‘lil Summer

The Folk YearsTaken From: Jill Sobule – The Folk Years 2003-2003 (2004)

“I met you at Sandals, an all-inclusive resort, where all the drinks are free”

I don’t think I had this song when I did the original chart, hence it being a new entry. There’s a version of it on the Folk Years compilation, though the first version of it I heard was a live version that Jill put up for free download. Although I also like the studio version, the live version’s remained my favourite, so is the version I’ve used on the Mixcloud mix. For some reason it’s always reminded me a bit of Victoria Wood’s song Let’s Do It. Not that it’s overly similar, but the ‘you bent me over the ledge’ lyric in particular evokes that same kind of humorously realistic portrayal of sex. Again it’s not on YouTube, so you’ll have to stick on my mix if you want to enjoy it.



My Morning Jacket
Holdin’ On To Black Metal

CircuitalTaken From: My Morning Jacket – Circuital (2011)

“It’s a darkness you can’t deny”

Another one my ex introduced me to. And again it’s really catchy and gets stuck in your head. Although after the rape and death associations of the previous songs he introduced me to, I’m now wondering what exactly ‘holdin’ on to black metal’ means. Is it code? Euphemistic? Hmm… I actually just Googled the lyrics, as the verses are quite difficult to make out. It’s *definitely* code for something!! Make your own mind up as to what. Here’s a great live version of it:



The Ark
The Worrying Kind

Prayer For The WeekendTaken From: The Ark – Prayer For The Weekend (2007)

“Just a mortal with potential of a superman”

Another band I don’t listen to as much as I used to, but who I still really love. Any Eurovision fans will recognise this song as it was Sweden’s entry in 2007. As they were already one of my favourite bands at the time, I was rather excited (then also rather gutted when it didn’t do better). It’s not my favourite song of theirs (as you’ll find out), though still needed to sneak in to the chart. It’s full-on glam rock camp and totally fabulous. What’s Ola Salo up to since they split? I should find out. Enjoy the Eurovision performance below, complete with Terry Wogan’s comments (aw 🙂 ).



Milky Wimpshake
La Di Da

Heart And Soul...Taken From: Milky Wimpshake – Heart And Soul In The Milky Way (2013)

“But I’ll have to grit my teeth when he goes on about his rupture”

I’m fairly sure that Milky Wimpshake are a band I discovered via a recommendation, as being similar to other bands I like. This is my favourite song of theirs, which is actually a cover of a song by Jake Thackray (though I didn’t realise that initially as he’s not someone I’d previously heard of). The lyrics are just great – it’s about all of the niceties and pretences you need to put on for show when meeting your partner’s family, but also about how you should never need to put these same pretences on with your partner. A good sentiment and a fun song.

Songs that previously charted in these positions in 2005 but have now dropped out of the chart:

760. Joydrop – Sometimes I Wanna Die

759. Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage

758. Thirteen:13 – Papermache Town

757. Marcus Krause – What About Gillian? (as much as I enjoy his ode to Gillian Anderson, it just hasn’t stood the test of time as well as Bree Sharp’s David Duchovny)

756. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Tsunami

755. Alanis Morissette – Are You Still Mad?

754. Topper – Cwpan Mewn Dwr

753. Fountains Of Wayne – I Want An Alien For Christmas

752. Jill Sobule – Mom

751. Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

Reminder: You can listen to all of these songs right here:

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