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Top 30 Albums of 2019 (as of 08/12/2019)

I've limited this year's chart to a top 30, as I didn't want to include a load of albums that were just 'okay.' As always, these are my personal favourite albums of the year, as things currently stand, so if you're wondering 'hey, where's this brilliant album that I love?', it's either passed me by, or it's just not my kinda thing. If you think it might have passed me by and that it would fit with my general tastes, feel free to recommend it to me - I'm always happy to discover new musical awesomeness.

I will also be doing an End Of Decade chart (a Top 100), which I'll be posting next weekend, so stay tuned for that.

30. I'm Not A Blonde - Under The Rug

29. Chrysta Bell - Feels Like Love

28. Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage - Bad Wiring

27. The Futureheads - Powers

26. Biscuithead & The Biscuit Badgers - Thought Porridge

25. Gruff Rhys - Pang!

24. Self Esteem - Compliments Please

23. Tullycraft - The Railway Prince Hotel

22. Mounties - Heavy Meta

21. Adam Green - Engine Of Paradise

20. My Name Is Ian - The Return Of No Point

19. Amanda Palmer - There Will Be No Intermission

18. Juliana Hatfield - Weird

17. Karen O and Danger Mouse - Lux Prima

16. Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic

15. Honeyblood - In Plain Sight

14. The Black Keys - Let's Rock

13. Bis - Slight Disconnects

12. Sleeper - The Modern Age

11. Piney Gir - You Are Here

10. Keys - Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia

Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia

9. Jenny Lewis - On The Line

On The Line

8. Hawksley Workman - Median Age Wasteland

Median Age Wasteland

7. The Earth - Lost Property

Lost Property

6. Mr - Amen


5. The Regrettes - How Do You Love?

How Do You Love?

4. The Divine Comedy - Office Politics

Office Politics

3. Stella Donnelly - Beware Of The Dogs

Beware Of The Dogs

2. Alex Lahey - The Best Of Luck Club

The Best Of Luck Club

1. Billie Eilish - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

There's not a huge amount between the top 4 albums, to be honest - I like them all in different ways and any could have been number 1 - but this is the album that stood out the most; that took me by surprise; that really impressed me with its individuality. I discovered Billie via the October 2017 Indie/Rock Playlist (which has a whole load of great songs on it, by the way). It's rare that such discoveries end up becoming as well known as Billie has, but it's definitely deserved. Here's my current favourite track on the album:

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