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Top 100 Albums of 2010 (as of 17/12/2010)

100. Tender Trap - Dansette Dansette
99. Best Coast - Crazy For You
98. Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle
97. Betty and The Werewolves - Tea Time Favourites
96. Midlake - The Courage Of Others
95. Shout Out Louds - Work
94. Beach House - Teen Dream
93. Säkert! - Facit
92. Stornoway - Beachcombers Windowsill
91. Operator Please - Gloves

90. Sky Larkin - Kaleide
89. Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own
88. Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart
87. Glasser - Ring
86. Sophie Hunger - 1983
85. Azure Ray - Drawing Down the Moon
84. Ida Maria - Katla
83. Aberfeldy - Somewhere to Jump From
82. The Innocence Mission - my room in the trees
81. Barenaked Ladies - All In Good Time

80. Steven Page - Page One
79. His Name Is Alive - The Eclipse
78. The Candle Thieves - Sunshine And Other Misfortunes
77. Yeasayer - Odd Blood
76. Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
75. Cloud Cult - Light Chasers
74. Ed Harcourt - Lustre
73. Alex Dingley - Built in the Ruins of a Monday Morning
72. Manic Street Preachers - Postcards From A Young Man
71. Tunng - ...And Then We Saw Land

70. Peggy Sue - Fossils And Other Phantoms
69. Sophie Zelmani - I'm The Rain
68. Pernice Brothers - Goodbye, Killer
67. A Band Called Quinn - The Beggar's Opera
66. Stars - The Five Ghosts
65. Kathryn Williams - The Quickening
64. Cerys Matthews - Tir
63. Adam Green - Minor Love
62. Field Music - Field Music (Measure)
61. A Genuine Freakshow - Oftentimes

60. Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can
59. of Montreal - False Priest
58. Wolf Parade - Expo 86
57. The Morning Benders - Big Echo
56. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern - Essex Arms
55. Annuals - Count the Rings
54. Standard Fare - The Noyelle Beat
53. Hot Chip - One Life Stand
52. Lightspeed Champion - Life Is Sweet, Nice To Meet You
51. Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto

50. Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now
49. Sparrow and the Workshop - Crystals Fall
48. Fyfe Dangerfield - Fly Yellow Moon
47. The Magnetic Fields - Realism
46. Matt & Kim - Sidewalks
45. Jason Collett - Rat a Tat Tat
44. First Aid Kit - The Big Black And The Blue
43. Sambassadeur - European
42. Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers
41. The 10p Mixes - Bedroom Sound

40. The Bluetones - A New Athens
39. Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
38. Pagan Wanderer Lu - European Monsoon
37. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Hawk
36. Richard James - We Went Riding
35. The Piney Gir Country Roadshow - Jesus Wept
34. The Bundles - The Bundles
33. The Indelicates - Songs for Swinging Lovers
32. Sweet Baboo - I'm a Dancer / Songs About Sleepin'
31. Juliana Hatfield - Peace and Love

30. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
29. Fight Like Apes - The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner
28. The Loungs - Big Wow
27. She & Him - Volume 2
26. Laura Stevenson and the Cans - A Record
25. Codeine Velvet Club - Codeine Velvet Club
(although I've since discovered this was released in Dec 2009)
24. Vampire Weekend - Contra
23. Mates of State - Crushes
22. Gregory and the Hawk - Leche
21. The Keys - Fire Inside

20. Allo Darlin' - Allo Darlin'

19. Love Is All - Two Thousand And Ten Injuries

18. Hawksley Workman - Meat

17. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

16. Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love

15. The Apples In Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time

14. The New Pornographers - Together

13. The School - Loveless Unbeliever

12. Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring

11. The Like - Release Me

10. Math and Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

Math and Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

9. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Dark Night of the Soul

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Dark Night of the Soul

8. Smile Smile - Truth On Tape

Smile Smile - Truth On Tape

7. Dawn Kinnard - Wrong Side Of The Dream

Dawn Kinnard - Wrong Side Of The Dream

6. Lucky Soul - A Coming Of Age

Lucky Soul - A Coming Of Age

5. Race Horses - Goodbye Falkenburg
I was very excited to finally get an album from Race Horses (formerly Radio Luxembourg) and it didn't disappoint. They owe a lot of their sound to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, but that's not a bad thing at all. Particular favourites on the album would have to be 'Cake' and 'Pony'.

Race Horses - Goodbye Falkenburg

4. Cathy Davey - The Nameless
Cathy's third album is just as brilliant as her previous two. Great voice, great songs! 'Army Of Tears' is particularly brilliant.

Cathy Davey - The Nameless

3. The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood
I was quite nervous before listening to this album for the first time. Despite a few great songs, I wasn't hugely fussed by Victory For The Comic Muse (Neil's previous album), but happily I loved this one! Quite silly in places, but that's what I like. Plus you get Cathy Davey doing backing vocals on a couple of tracks too - bonus! Plus he put on a great live set when I saw him at Somerset House in the Summer.

The Divine Comedy - Bang Goes The Knighthood

2. Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn
Probably not an obvious album to appear so high up in a chart of mine, but I love it! For those unfamiliar, it's a collaboration between Amanda Palmer (from The Dresden Dolls) and Jason Webley. That mightn't sound extraordinary, but did I mention that they're taking on the personas of conjoined twins known as Evelyn Evelyn?? There are a few spoken word tracks (with musical backing) that tell the incredibly tragic story of the twins, plus songs in a whole range of musical styles that fit in with the story. Favourite tracks would have to be the breathtakingly awesome title track, which is also the opening track, plus 'You Only Want Me 'Cause You Want My Sister' and 'A Campaign Of Shock And Awe'. It's the kind of album you really have to 'get' and you're likely to either love or hate, but yes, I love it.

Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn

1. The Magic Theatre - London Town
Those who know of The Magic Theatre will probably think this is a predictable number 1 choice for me, but it wasn't a foregone conclusion - hell, The Bluetones are only at number 40 and Cerys is at 64! For those who have never heard of The Magic Theatre, it's a new project from Dan Popplewell and Sophia Churney from Ooberman. I got the album in a sort-of-secret pre-release at the end of last year, but it was only officially released this year. On first listen I really liked it, but it wasn't an obvious number 1 album contender. However, the more I listened to it, the more I appreciated just how good it is and the more I fell in love with it. I won't say too much about the album itself as I covered all that in my Amazon review, but I am very pleased to crown it as my favourite album of 2010.

The Magic Theatre - London Town

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